Welcome to Your Future Success

Welcome to Your Future Success
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Friday, July 31, 2015

Tweet Your Heart Out

While Twitter is, by and large, a terrible way to make direct sales, it is a wonderful way to make new friends and build relationships with your books. Start by following people who are interested int he kinds of books you write: other writers, book bloggers, book reviewers, librarians, editors,journalists, etc. What's the deal with these pound symbols? On Twitter (and some other social media), the hashtag (#) is used to denote a particular topic or thread. If you click on a hashtag, then Twitter will call up a whole stream of Tweets that include that same hashtag. As such, when you include a particular hashtag, then your Tweet will be entered into that same stream - and you could potentially pop up on the radar of a lot of strangers who may be hearing of you for the first time. As an author, your target Twitter users might be using one of these: #Historical #HistFic #Paranormal #RomanceWriter #Romance #Romantic #Suspense #Autobiography #Western #WomensFiction You get the picture. A way to build your circle on Twitter is to be part of #Follow#Friday of #FF - where you share the Twitter handles of other writers, readers, and fans of your genre. If you're running a book promotion, it might be handy to include a couple of these in your Tweet: #99c #99cents #BookGiveaway #Free #Freebie #FreeBook #FreeDownload #FreebieFriday #KindleBargan Again, you get the picture. Here is my Twitter Page... http://www.twitter.com/JeaneEBennett

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