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The Journey to Success - Persistence

By: GFB Global

The dream, struggle, and victory are important to achieving success. Having a dream is so important because people would quit when they faced challenges and times got tough. There is no way to succeed in any area of life without going through all three. The dream will be the fuel that drives you during all the struggles. The struggle brings about experiences that will help you through the journey. The victory will bring about endless rewards if you are willing to survive the battle.

It would be so easy to succeed if you could skip one of these steps but unfortunately life isn't so easy. The good news is if you are willing to go through the dream, struggle and victory in life the journey will have been worth it.
Freedom and having a dream is what the foundation of our country is built upon. The battle of life is tough and the challenges are endless. The dream is so vital because it will be your lifeline that keeps you hanging on.
The struggle is so vital to the journ…