Welcome to Your Future Success

Welcome to Your Future Success
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Friday, July 31, 2015

More Sites

Instagram, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Amazon, Google+, and Periscope (the newest one out now) are a few other social networking sites. Instagram - https://instagram.com/jeaneebennett/ Tumblr - http://jeanesashi.tumblr.com/ StumbleUpon - http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/JeaneEBennett LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeaneebennet Periscope - @JeaneEBennett Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Jean%C3%A9ElliottBennett/posts/p/pub Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/114365708479875343438/114365708479875343438/posts/p/pub Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/author/Jeane-Sashi These are just a few more.

Goodreads Has Readers

Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations. The site allows you to connect with other readers and see what they're reading. If you haven't already created an author page, you should do so soon. You can upload your book(s) to the system, add trailers and links, and even make use of the new Q&A feature that allows readers to interact with authors. You can also join one of the groups -- a quick search can turn up the group you're interested in...preferably, your books genre. You can also add your fiction to the appropriate Listopia lists, or one of the many other lists dealing with genre and all it's sub-genres. Here is my page on Goodreads... http://www.goodreads.com/JeaneSashi

Stick A Pin In It

Stick A Pin In It One of the newer players in the social media space, Pinterest has fast become a powerhouse. Drive by visual content - including images and video - Pinterest is a great place for authors to post favorite book covers (including your own), posters or screen captures from favorite movies, photos related to your research, or even share quotes. (Well, quotes that have been typed onto an image.) You can create boards - these are defined by the categories for the images you upload. For example, you might start a board for "Research" and one for "Actors Who Should Play My Characters" and one for "Beautiful Locations Where My Books Are Set." This is a chance to build a relationship with your audience through visual content. What kind of images best represent your brand? What kind of images will engage your target reader? What images will build a bridge between you and that reader? Here is my Pinterest Board... http://www.pinterest.com/jeaneebennett

Tweet Your Heart Out

While Twitter is, by and large, a terrible way to make direct sales, it is a wonderful way to make new friends and build relationships with your books. Start by following people who are interested int he kinds of books you write: other writers, book bloggers, book reviewers, librarians, editors,journalists, etc. What's the deal with these pound symbols? On Twitter (and some other social media), the hashtag (#) is used to denote a particular topic or thread. If you click on a hashtag, then Twitter will call up a whole stream of Tweets that include that same hashtag. As such, when you include a particular hashtag, then your Tweet will be entered into that same stream - and you could potentially pop up on the radar of a lot of strangers who may be hearing of you for the first time. As an author, your target Twitter users might be using one of these: #Historical #HistFic #Paranormal #RomanceWriter #Romance #Romantic #Suspense #Autobiography #Western #WomensFiction You get the picture. A way to build your circle on Twitter is to be part of #Follow#Friday of #FF - where you share the Twitter handles of other writers, readers, and fans of your genre. If you're running a book promotion, it might be handy to include a couple of these in your Tweet: #99c #99cents #BookGiveaway #Free #Freebie #FreeBook #FreeDownload #FreebieFriday #KindleBargan Again, you get the picture. Here is my Twitter Page... http://www.twitter.com/JeaneEBennett

Will This Get You On The New York Times Best Sellers List?

Now comes the tough question: Will all this work on social media put you on the NYT best sellers list or the USA Today best sellers list? Probably not, but then it really depends on what your goal is. How do you define success in social media marketing? The answer depends largely on how many people you're able to reach. Decide what your goal is as an author, and make it realistic. Much of your goal will depend on how well know you are. Maybe the NYT best sellers list is out of reach for you, but perhaps getting your book to sell better than a 20,000 Amazon ranking consistently is doable. The problem is that there usually isn't a one-to-one correlation when it comes to social media and book sales. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule. Even ifyou do all the thins mentioned in my post, you can't guarantee a certain number of sales from your hard work. But you can set goals for numbers of books sold, number of people reached, number of fans on your page, and numbers of times a particular post was shared. In this way,you can build your small successes into bigger successes. I hope the material I shared with you will be of some help to you in the marketing of your book. :) http://www.facebook.com/JeaneSashi

Keep A Blog

Blogs are a great way for you to chat with your readership and give them plenty of great content that will get them to keep coming back for more. You can link your blogs to many different social media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. When you link Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to your blog and you post something on your blog, a message with the link to your blog post appears in your social media feed. Blog sites include Blogger, Goodreads, and Livejournal. What you post in your blog is really up to you. If your book is a time period story, you can write about the tine period when your book takes place. If your book is a paranormal, talking about the supernatural creatures and the history behind them is great fodder. You can post excerpts from your novel, serialize your novel and post it one chunk at a time (assuming you have the rights to do so), post brand-new material, talk about the creative process and how you wrote the book, and write about other things your readers might find interesting. Can't think up something to say? Ask your writer friends on the social media outlets if they would be "guest authors." Chances are they would be delighted to do so and may ask you for a guest post in return. You can also team up with other authors for one blog. This way, you can share the workload, and share the marketing value. You can take turns blogging about their fiction, their research, and anything else of interest to their target readers. Here is my blog... http://toyourfuturesuccess.blogspot.com

Podcast Your Books

One medium that is often ignored by authors are audiobooks. You can podcast your books by posting your audio on Libsyn.com or similar podcast hosting websites. Once your book is up on Libsyn, it can be published on iTunes and other podcasting websites. The disadvantage is that podcasting takes a steep learning curve. If you're not gifted with a pleasant voice, or if you're uncomfortable reading your book, you may find that podcasting isn't for you, or you may decide to pay someone to podcast your book. Voice talent can get expensive, so it may not an option for those who have to watch their expenditures. Here is my Blog Talk Radio Podcast. It is also on iTunes... http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jeane

Make Videos

Make Videos Another way to connect with readers is through videos. They can be as simple as videos you create with a webcam on your computer, to videos you take readers along with you. You can also use the free Google Hangouts service to connect with your Facebook fans live. You can answer questions, share news, and even give readers a chance to a guest star! Here is video I created for my books that is posted to my YouTube Channel... https://youtu.be/6zMyedRIYf8

How To Get Other Authors To Promote You

If other authors whose works are similar to yours or at least in the same genre or subgenre are posting interesting things on social media, there's no reason to not like and share their posts, as well. Not only will they think of you favorably, but they're more likely to repost your posts. Guest authors on blogs, interviews of other authors, and book reviews are surefire ways of finding readership, especially if the author has written something that is in the same genre and enjoys the same readership you'd like to attract. Post a good review or an interesting interview and have that author's name attached, and chances are that author will tell his or her readership to read your blog. Those readers who mosey on over to your blog may check out other posts and note what you've written. You may find that you've gained some fans just by being a thoughtful and generous promoter.

Be Interesting And Interactive

One of the great thins about social media is that you get to chat with your potential fans. Watch and see what your friends and fans are saying on the social media of your choice. Make comments. Post something funny that is relevant (or not) to your book. Keep the spam low, but if you do have a new release, a special book sale, or something worth mentioning, such as an award, do tell your fans. They'll want to know, because you've built up a rapport that enables you to market to them. Many would be glad to hear about your upcoming book and where they may be able to purchase it. A warning though Once you post about it, don't continue to repost the same thing. You can subtly remind them with a photo of the latest cover on your fan page's cover or profile page.

Press Kits for Authors

Hey Dolls and Gents, When you are contacting Bloggers, Radio Shows, Reviewers, and other members of the Media, do you have a Press Kit put together? That Press Kit can in the form of a folder or a PDF file, depending on how you are disseminating your information. Here is a checklist of what should be in your folder or on your online PDF: Author Bios • Short • Medium • Long Suggested Interview Questions Q&A Article Feature Article Author Photo Contact Info Endorsements One-Sheet Announcement Book Cover Image Book Excerpt Don't go blindly contacting those outlets with having your information readily available. Hope this was useful for you. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Facebook Marketing for Authors

Hey Dolls and Gents, I would like to share some Tips with you that may help you with marketing your book(s).

Facebook Marketing
Post Planner - Saves you 2 hours daily on Facebook Marketing. It can triple your likes, shares and clicks. Find viral photos and trending content. Schedule posts to your Facebook Pages. Free to use or paid plans at $29/mo.

Social Media Management
Hootsuite - Get serious about social (this is one of my favorite sites. I use this daily). Connect your dashboard to your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts. Analytics to track clicks to links and the metrics to measure your ROI (Rate Of Investment). Free to use. Pro versions available (I use this one).

Audience Engagement
ShortStack - Maximize your social media presence. Run contests, polls, while making use of data collection and analytics. Create apps to encourage sharing, referring, commenting, inviting. Embed your apps on your website, blog, or wherever you plan to drive traffic. Free up to 2,000 Facebook fans.

Hemingway App - Make your writing bold and clear. A bare bones editing tool to strengthen prose. Analyzes blocks of text and assigns a numeric grade based around readability. Highlights and advocates for the removal of difficult-to-read sentences, adverbs, obtuse phrases and instances of passive voice. Desktop version available.

Language & Grammar
Grammar Girl - Helping you remember the rules. Understand grammar rules and word choice. Learn through short and friendly tips, to keeping your punctuation and usage straight. Simple memory tricks help make complex grammar questions simple to recall and apply. Learn through Blog posts, podcasts or webcasts.

Find the Right Words
Merriam-Webster - Dictionary and Thesaurus. One of the most trusted online dictionaries. Improve your vocabulary with quizzes, trending words in news, and the word each day. Browse words by their topics, such as: Arts and Entertainment.

Community Building
Goodreads - Promote yourself and your book(s). Reach over 25 million passionate readers. Publicize your upcoming events (i.e. book signings). Share book excerpts and other writings, post book trailers, or even start a blog. Advertise to the Goodreads Community. Lead a Q&A discussion group for readers or write a quiz about your books. Free to join.

AWeber - Email Marketing software. Easily add, manage and segment the subscribers to your newsletter. Create follow up autoresponders to deliver a sequence of messages automatically. Choose from over 600 HTML Email Templates. Turn your blog posts into an email newsletter with the RSS to email tool. Sign up for $1.

Writing Feedback
Wattpad - The YouTube of writing. Gives you the chance to meet and engage with new readers. Serialize your stories and get feedback on it's direction. You can use "Fan Funding," which is Wattpad's crowdsourcing platform, to produce your next book. Easy to setup and use.

Graphic Design
PicMonkey - Free online photo editing. Add text, effects or overlays to your photos. Touch up your photos like the pro with wrinkle remover, airbrush and teeth whitening. Design banners, invites, cards and even Facebook covers from scratch. Create a photo collage with many flexible layouts. Free to use, or upgrade to Royale.

Back Up Files
Dropbox - Protect your writing. (I have been using this a lot lately). Keep your writing safe with cloud storage. Share and access your files from every computer you use. Save up to 2GB with free account.

Media Exposure
Help A Reporter Out - Share your expertise with journalists. Nearly 30,000 reporters and bloggers use HARO every day. More than 75,000 journalist queries have been published since HARO's inception, and nearly 7,500,000 media pitches have been facilitated. It's entirely free to sources and reporters.

Whew! I hope this information helps all of you as it has and is helping me with my writing.

Have an awesome day.

Until Next Time!