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Planning Your Business Search

Speak the Word that You're Ready to Work!

After completing your research, many people quickly find in the field they've researched. Some others, however, have difficulty making the move from researching to actully starting the business. Approaching people who can put you in business can be daunting: It requires a different set of skills than those needed to successfully complete researches.

Whether they're feeling confident or not, business seekers must do their best to present a positive, professional image to people who can put them in business. It's no wonder that some business falter in their efforts to pursue their business goals. Occasionally, you will get a call from someone that has been business searching for some years and is only now starting to really get serious. Sometimes, the cause of the delay is procrastination--the tendency to put off doing necessary tasks. One of the most damaging aspects of procrastination is the emotional toll it takes. It can spur…

Help Yourself Take a Break

In 1783, in Paris, Benjamin franklin got to watch the first successful manned balloon flight. Some bystanders scoffed at the basket-balloon contraption, asking, "What good is it?" But Franklin responded, "What good is a newborn baby?"

By then, 77 year-old Franklin was, among other things, a famous inventor. As someone who thrilled at solving scientific problems, he was happy to applaud the Frenchman who had figured out how to soar over treetops in a hot-air balloon. Franklin created several practical items (including the lightning rod and a more fuel-efficient stove) that continue to help people, even today. Never formally trained in science or engineering, he got the ideas for his inventions just by looking around him and keeping his senses awake. He made the most of his abilities by balancing a love of adventure with his duties as a businessman and statesman.

Balancing adventure and responsibility can help you, as well. Adding even a few daily minutes of Me Time…

Kids and Your Home Based Business

How to Juggle Your Life and Your Home Based Business

Hats off to you, the confident juggler! There you stand, doing your best to balance the demands of family, work and self-care. And now, you've tossed another ball into the air--your Home Based Business. How can you add productive work time for your business to the whirling responsibilities you already keep aloft? Try these tips.

Keep it clean. Are your business materials piled on the kitchen counter along with your knitting basket, last night's dinner dishes and last year's science-fair project? If so, it might take longer to find the catalogs, much less get the mailers out. Would you like more time to be productive, then relax with your family? Use a file cabinet or bookshelf to keep your business materials in order. and spend the last few minutes of each business day neatly putting away your business materials, for a quick start next time.

Think ahead. Planning is essential if your business and your family are going to…

Running A Home Based Business

It's not easy to run a home based business that is still learning and growing. The main thing is to stay focused and continue to run your course with your business. Remember to lead by example and at the same time don't forget to hold it all together which we all know is a job in itself. Stay positive. Good luck to everyone that is traveling this lonely road to owning a home based business.

Learning To Lead

Being First, Fair, Firm & Flexible

Have you Recognized 10 people you believe to be great Leaders? Why are those 10 people are/were great Leaders?

Best First

Set the Pace - you set the pace by be the Best First in order for others to follow through your actions.

Set the Standard - by setting standards your expectations help or hinder others.

Common Goals Unify Teams - set team goals that can be attainable by all team members. Communicate the goals of the team clearly in order to empower your team.


KISS = Keep It Short & Simple

* Keeping it short:
- Know what you want to say before you speak
- Come to the point directly
- Clearly define what is expected of each memeber of your team in order for them
be successful

* Keep it simple:
- Use simple words in order for everyone to understand
- Take into consideration your receiver's ability to understand
- Don't talk down to people

* Articulate
- What
- How
- When
- Why

Set The Mood

* Moods are Contagious

* Con…


Marketers have many ways to try to get you to buy their products. You might want to try some of these.

Jingle/Slogan: a song or phrase that helps them remember your product.

Cartoon Characters: an animated character that promotes a products. (this can be done on some animated sites on the internet such as; it's a site that I've used).

Star Power: a celebrity (like a movie star, a model, a football player) who says he or she uses the product. (that's it you have the means to do this)

Wannabe Appeal: “wannabe” means “I want to be.” The product promises to make you be the way you want, like stronger, healthier, richer, more popular, or happier.

Latest Greatest: everybody loves it wants it. Don’t be left out.

Sensory Appeal: it tastes good, looks good, smells good, or feels good. (this is also a great way; try before you buy).

Better Than: this product is better than other brands of the same product.

Dollar Power: you will save money or get…

Of Dogs and Women

This is a Short Story that I wrote a while back...

It's Science Fiction...

The Los Angeles Rain, although practically seasonal, was still an object of fascination and relaxation to Patricia. Letting her work and her thoughts go by the wayside, she gazed out her window, trying to watch each drop of rain as it hit the concrete below, her attention only refocused by an occasional passerby, and her eyes would follow them until they walked out of her line of sight. The calming patter of the precipitation was slowly lulling her to sleep, as she pulled her head from her hands with a great deal of effort.

It had been nearly two months since she she left Quebec, Canada to go to graduate school at the University of California at Los Angeles. Many people objected to her leaving, and sometimes she herself objected, even after the move. This was one of those times. She had a paper to do, and right now, she didn't feel like doing anything, but she managed to take the pen in her hand and start …

Blog Talk Radio

When I signed up to host a Blog Talk Radio Show (, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I didn't even know how to create my site for the show or know anything about what kind of show I would host. I just knew I wanted to host a Talk Radio Show. I went into the venture blind.

I read all the information on the site to be read about hosting a Talk Radio Show. I began to play with names for my show and create my site for the show.

The day I hosted my first show I was quite nervous. I wasn't interviewing anyone I was just speaking about being in business; basically a verbal blog. I didn't know how I came across over the phone or on the air until I heard the play back. That's when I decided to do a weekly show in order to fine tune a possible new skill.

In the beginning of starting the Radio Show, my shows were about business and how to market your business without any guest or callers. That became boring to me because I felt a…

Spam Mail

I know we all receive the unwanted Spam Mail and it can be really horrendous sometimes just knowing that someone has received your e-mail address from cyberspace, or that it was sold by another entity. But, let's take a different approach to Spam Mail.

I have 3 e-mail accounts; 2 business accounts and 1 personal account, and I receive Spam Mail from each and everyone of them. I find it very funny when each one of them stated that by signing up with their e-mail service I will have no Spam Mail. Wrong!

Go to your Spam Mail box, open it and look at the sender and the title of the mail that has been sent to you. Those e-mails that have a sender name and a title specifying an opportunity, open it; take a look at it and read it. Instead of deleting it and sending it to the round file (the trash can), reply to it. Wait before you start thinking negative%u2026

Reply with your opportunity or business. Turn the tables around on the sender. Their opportunity or business may not be something…



Let's start with a song. Think of the words and tune of that celebration classic, "Happy Birthday to You." What word gets special attention in each line of this song? It's the word at the end of the line: Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear [birthday person]. Happy Birthday to you.

The words in the song convey a cheery good wish. But it's the pauses that really shine a light on the birthday boy or girl. Try singing the Happy Birthday song with no pauses, and see if the birthday person gets quite as much attention!

Pausing at the right time - when singing a song, reading words in a book, teaching a child a new skill or throwing a ball for your dog - adds a necessary rhythm that enhances whatever you're doing. Similarly, pausing to celebrate the achievement of a goal can heighten its balue. Congratulations!

In our fast-paced world, pausing to celebrate can seem like a luxury. But it's actually a strategic last act in me…

Lighten Up!

Kick Start Your Attitude

A sense of humor can help you keep perspective. It can also help you cheer yourself on.

Did you know that there are two gold balls on the moon? On February 6, 1971, wrapping up his team's successful Apollo 14 moon visit, Commander Alan Shepard attached a gold-club head to the handle of a dust-sample scooper and batted two golf balls across the creaters. golfer Shepard thought this would be a good way to show TV viewers the effects of the moon's weak gravity (the balls flew six times as far as they would have on earth). It was instructive, but it was also fun!

Ten years earlie, Shepard had become the first American to blast into space. NASA had chosen him over more than 100 other test pilots to ride a 75,000-pound Redstone rocket out of the atmosphere. To prepare, he'd endured months of physical and technical training, taking the historic assignment 100% seriously. Yet when the rocket took off, Mission Control was impressed by Shepard's heart rate,…

Make Do

Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out. - Art Linkletter

In nature, a great example of "making do" can be found in bird's-nest building. When it's brooding time, birds collect whatever will get the job done. In addition to using grass, twigs and feathers, birds gather lots of other things to make their nests warm and sturdy. Here are some items commonly found as part of nests: twine, paper, snail shells, snake skins, cigarette butts, buttons, pet fur, aluminum foil and shoelaces. How's it all bound together? Often with spider webs! Depending on what they can grab, birds can end up making memorable dwellings. In the book Strang Nests, author Ann Stevens mentions a construction once found in Bombay, India: a crow's nest made of 25 pounds of gold eyeglass frames. The crows, swooping through an open shop window, had helped themselves to some nice, shiny building material.

Working with what's on hand: That's nece…

Risk Taking

Take A Risk

"To move to the next rung on the ladder, you've got to take risks. You've got to move out of your comfort zone." - Debbi Fields

August 16, 1977. Palo Alto, California. It was the first day of business for Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chippery. Owner Debbi Fields, 20 years old, had opened her store in the face of considerable opposition. Although she had somehow convinced a bank to loan her money for the risky business - how could a bakery that sold only chocolate chip cookies be successful? - others had not been encouraging. The store, they said, was a bad idea, and she didn't even have the recipe right: Americans liked crispy cookies, not the soft and chewy ones she made.

On that day in Palo Alto, Debbi Fields didn't know if she or trhe naysayers were right. She had no business ecperience to point to. And by noon on her first day, she'd had no customers. Finally, tired of waiting, she headed into the street to give out free samples. And the taste lured…

Update to Keeping a Calendar

New Calendar

As the new year approaches upon us, I hope you have remembered to purchase a new 2010calendar for keeping yourself organized.

Once again, I will be using a wall calendar, a plan ahead desk calendar, my e-mail calendars, and yes, my the calendar reminders in my blackberry.

My calendar for the outgoing year December 2009 is already full and I'm already working into January 2010. Life starts to get busy for us all. And I myself, dislike last minute anythings. I'm going to stick to this motto for the coming year, "If it's not already in my calendar, I will not be doing or participating in it." Nothing personal but, I will be managing my time very closely in the upcoming year. I hope you will be as well.

If you need some help with managing your time, here is a website that may be of help to you....

Remember this...
The more business a man has to do, the more he is able to accomplish, for he learns …

Keeping a Calendar

Take a Look at Your Day
Scheduling your time. Do you keep a calendar? Do you what exactly how your day is spent? Do you know where your time went?

It has long been said that sometimes you can bite off more than you can chew. That statement can prove to be so true.

There are times that I feel as though I have bitten off more that I can chew but then I look into my calendar, all three of them, my blackberry calendar, my desk calendar, and my online calendar, and realize, "no I didn't." That's when I realize how productive my day went and how much fun I had in my day without even feeling stressed; burned out; or overwhelmed.

You see, I plan my calendar on Sunday evenings for the week; I do leave 48 hours for wiggly room; meaning, things do come up. I have come to realize that the word No is indeed a complete sentence. There is nothing before; in between; or after the N and the O. It also means, there is no need for explanation; its self explanatory.

I learned from one …

Goal Setting

Reach For A Reachable Star

A SMART goal is:


When setting goals, remember to:

*Work toward only one or two at a time.
*Start with a small goal, and reach it.
*Write goals down. Review them reguarly.
*Stay flexible about completion dates.

Gold-Standard Goals

In The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen Covey states that one of the most difficult tasks we all face is self management. Managing your life may meean working to stop and unproductive behavior, or it may mean planning a career switch. Making such positive life changes is greatly aided by goal setting.

Many life coaches and organizational consultants recommend taking the time to set SMART goals. A SMART goal is:

Specific: It's precise and well-defined.

Measurable: It's embedded with clear ways to mark progress.

Attainable: It's challenging but reachable.

Rewarding: It's full of personal magic for you.

Timed: It's got a deadline.

There are at le…

Being Disciplined is a Devotion

Good Morning and Great Day...

Are you willing to devote yourself to do anything that is needed to make the goals and dreams you have become a reality? Are you able to become disciplined enough to see that what you need to do to make your desires manifest is to be totally focused on the end result from the beginning of any task? Can you and will you work through any challenge that may come before you and turn it into an opportunity for growth and transformation as you build your success character into becoming second nature as to who you are?

I know that this is all possible when you realize that Being Disciplined Is A Devotion and when you are devoted to being disciplined in all areas of your life amazing things will happen because you will be operating from an energy field that is fueled by the desire within you to express the greatness that you are.

No matter what happens during your day that may appear to be a blockage or a hindrance to you, the goals you have set are always attainabl…

Think Like an Entrepreneur

Think Like an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is so much more than just learning to run your own business. (I'm learning that first hand.) It is an approach to life that involves thinking of you as a "can-do" person. (Another lesson I'm learning.) After all, if you can start your own business, you can do just about anything! (So true.)

When you work for yourself, you are thinking like an entrepreneur. Let this motivate you to do your best in your business:

· Always look for opportunities to learn new skills or sharpen the ones you already have and take on new responsibilities.

· Show yourself that you understand your business and are working to improve the profitability of your business.

You will then notice that you are thinking entrepreneurially. Remember, every skill learned is yours to take for the asking to use in your business. Never stop learning.

To quote Jeffry Timmons: "Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, reasoning, and acting that is opportunity-obs…