Being Disciplined is a Devotion

Good Morning and Great Day...

Are you willing to devote yourself to do anything that is needed to make the goals and dreams you have become a reality? Are you able to become disciplined enough to see that what you need to do to make your desires manifest is to be totally focused on the end result from the beginning of any task? Can you and will you work through any challenge that may come before you and turn it into an opportunity for growth and transformation as you build your success character into becoming second nature as to who you are?

I know that this is all possible when you realize that Being Disciplined Is A Devotion and when you are devoted to being disciplined in all areas of your life amazing things will happen because you will be operating from an energy field that is fueled by the desire within you to express the greatness that you are.

No matter what happens during your day that may appear to be a blockage or a hindrance to you, the goals you have set are always attainable by the choices you make. Every thing you decide to do is backed by a determination and commitment to a certain outcome. When you decide to give up you commit to do that by the choices you make. Conversely when you decide to forge ahead and work through obstacles you make the choice to do so because you have a burning desire to reach the goals you have set for yourself no matter what. This is what I call being disciplined and conscious of what you want. Knowing what you want is the first step you need so that you can set in motion all the resources you need through the choices you make,.

The universe is poised to give you everything you need to make LIFE happen but you must tell it what that LIFE is for you. Being Disciplined Is A Devotion,a way of being that allowsfor a bundant thinking so that when a limited belief pops up you can see it for what is is and move through it with a conviction and determination that will bring you closer and closer to the results you want in any area of your life. Be disciplined about who you are and watch as the flood gates of infinite opportunity shower you with unlimited success.

"The act of knowing and being who you are will guide you to the treasures of abundance that is waiting for you to create the life you desire through right thinking, right action, and love of yourself."

I say YES to ME in every thing I do
I know that the universe supports ME
I give more than is asked of ME
So I can receive more than I ask for
I am always ready to see the opportunities presented to ME
The choices I make support ME in every way
I always choose to have a magnificent, excellent, remarkable and amazing day!

It's your day... MAKE IT A GREAT ONE!


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