Saving with Coupons

Okay, I know we all hate clipping coupons.  But, do you know or realize how much money you can save from clipping coupons?  You can save a great deal of money for you and your family.  All it takes is time...a few minutes out of your day to clip coupons. 

When you receive what we all call junk mail in your mailbox, to be honest, it's not really junk mail.  If you look at it in a different light, it's money saving mail.  Companies and businesses don't put those mailers in the mail to you just for the sake of it being junk and being wasteful, they put those mailers together as a way to get you to save money and to advertise and market their products and services.

With the economy being what it is and money being tight in some families, clipping coupons will not hurt to do in order to say money.  Think about it, you may have a family vacation that you want to take, or you are looking to save for your children's future, or you just have some purchase you may want to make, this is where saving with coupons comes in handy.
You can also think about rebating.  Rebating is where you get money back from buying a particular item.  I didn't realize that you can save with coupons and get a rebate for an item.  Meaning, you may be able to get the item for free and receive money for the item.  Now, how awesome is that?  That's something I recently learned.

Kristin L. Peoples, has written the best selling book "Don't Throw Those Coupons Away! A Mom's Guide to Saving Money at the Grocery Store.  This book is an easy read and a step byb step guide to getting you started with saving coupons. 

Mrs. Peoples has a coupon saving website which offers a ton of ways to save money on groceries, movies, books, etc.  Visit the website and see for yourself.

If you want to get started couponing, get the book and go to the website. 

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Jeane' E. Bennett


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