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Talent or Tenacity: Which do you have?

Have you read the book "Go For No?"  If not, it's a good investment for your personal and your business growth.  Here is a clip of some well know Entrepreneurs speaking on Talent vs Tenacity in regards to "Go For No."

Tory Johnson: 10 Tips to Get Your Kid a Summer Job

Advice and Resources: Teach Your Kids to Get Out There to Nab Some Summertime Work

Workplace Contributor
May 31, 2010

To line up summer employment, it's all about old fashioned pavement pounding right now. Share these tactics with your teens to help them hear, "You're hired."

Tory Johnson offers teens tips to get good summer jobs.Talk to friends and neighbors. Encourage your kids to start close to home by promoting their own skills and interests and telling friends and neighbors that they're willing to offer a helping hand. It could be baby-sitting, tutoring, music lessons, house painting, yard work -- whatever they feel comfortable and confident doing. If one person doesn't have steady work, teens can juggle multiple clients with the same needs.

Ask directly for leads. When talking to the people in the neighborhood, kids should also ask directly for introductions and job leads. "If you don't need my time and talent, do you know s…