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How To Lose...

I found this book to be entertaining to read.  The book also made me mad a bit.  However, I feel the title should have been "How To Lose a Black Man." 

The main female character was just awful.  Had this not been a fiction novel and it was real life, she would have been left in the cold.  Her blantant disrespect for someone she states she loves and is going to marry was just deplorable.

I feel she was just out to get a ring and disregard the fact that she was engaged.  When the unthinkable happens, she then realizes that she indeed has a fiancĂ©  and goes running to him to rescue her.  When she was the one who put herself in the position she was in.

The main male character was just an honest man looking for love and a hopeless romantic.  All he wanted was a woman that was going to love him just as much as he was going to love her...unconditional.  He looks for love in the one place most people wouldn't think of looking for love...a phone chat line.

Do I dare tell the en…