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"You do not understand me. You do not take me seriously. You only pay attention to me when you want something.  That is when you caress me and hold me tight.  That’s not good and I don’t like that feeling.  Do not get me wrong, I love being held and caressed, but not just for your own capital gain.”
    “You confuse me to no end. I do not know where you are half of the time.  You seem to get lost quite a bit.   You never let me do what I want to do. You haven't always been there for me. Where were you when I wanted to go on that vacation? But I do appreciate you. As life goes on, I am really going to need your help. I do hope we can become closer as time goes on, and I do mean closer.”
“Hey, look, I know I can be difficult sometimes, which can be all the time. It is not easy to understand how I operate, but you should try to understand me.  Do not worry though I will be here for you. If you keep making smart decisions and working hard. Just don't mention the vacation aga…


She was a real beauty. She was going to start off by playing hard to get. No matter how you caressed her; no matter how much you loved on her; in the end she was still not going to give you that ass.  You begged, you pleaded, and you even promised her the world...that ass you still would not get.  She made it hard for you to conquer the task that you set out to do with her.   You knew she was going to be temperamental, but yet you still tried.  She admired your persistence.  She wanted to see how much you really wanted her; if you wanted her enough to work for her.  The question was, "How hard were you willing to work to get her?"
    As she came to you willingly, you were lucky she allowed you to began to undress her.  With each layer you peeled back is when you slowly began to reveal each luscious and vivacious curve right after the other.  Smooth, soft, and silky.  Glistening under the rays of the morning sun.  Once she was fully undressed, you stepped back…