She was a real beauty. She was going to start off by playing hard to get. No matter how you caressed her; no matter how much you loved on her; in the end she was still not going to give you that ass.  You begged, you pleaded, and you even promised her the world...that ass you still would not get.  She made it hard for you to conquer the task that you set out to do with her.   You knew she was going to be temperamental, but yet you still tried.  She admired your persistence.  She wanted to see how much you really wanted her; if you wanted her enough to work for her.  The question was, "How hard were you willing to work to get her?"

    As she came to you willingly, you were lucky she allowed you to began to undress her.  With each layer you peeled back is when you slowly began to reveal each luscious and vivacious curve...one curve right after the other.  Smooth, soft, and silky.  Glistening under the rays of the morning sun.  Once she was fully undressed, you stepped back, looked at her and smiled.  You brought her to the point where she began to purr just by rubbing the front of her.  At that moment you leaned in close and you told her in a hush tone what you thought of her, in the most warm, glowing, and seductive of detail. You then told her what you had planned for her for the rest of the day while you whispered softly in her ear, “Shall we begin?”  As you patted her on her backside.

    That pat warmed her and as she responded vigorously with that purr you so love to hear...as you responded the same way.  Her purr soon became a deep, throaty, harsh growl and you were suddenly aware that she was issuing you a challenge.  A challenge you were not afraid to take.  A challenge you knew you could handle.  As you maintained control with the thought of winning that challenge, you increased the momentum of your task at hand, and you brought it...even harder than she thought you would, giving her all that she wanted.  All that you thought she could handle and then some. You coaxed her, and pushed her harder, and you later demanded more and more from her.  You wanted everything she had.  You stretched her to her limits.  You took her to new heights and beyond like never before. You did this again and over again.  She did not realize that issuing you a challenge was something that you loved.  Challenges are your speciality.

     Without looking at you, she tested your limits.  She wanted to see how much you could really handle...how fast and how hard you could really go.  She wanted to see if you really had it in you.  She was now playing your game.  You had already shown her something, but she wanted more.  She wanted all that you had...all that you offered.  She wanted to know what all the hype was about.  She wanted you to back up all your talk and really give chase to the challenge.  She relaxed and gave you all of her.  She let you see exactly who she was.  At that point she was not only undressed but, she was completely naked to you...fully exposed.

     With the sun barring down and glistening on both of you, you sensed now was the time to give her all to you.  You sensed the time was right to fully expose yourself and really give chase to the challenge. You wanted her to see that she had now met her match.  You were not going to let her win.  You were not going to let her off that easy.  You were going to make it as hard for her as she was making it for you.  Your intentions were to make her lose her breath.  To make sure she did not have the inkling to issue any more challenges.  That this challenge would be her last and final challenge issued to you.

    You both loved how you handled each other.  How you caressed each other.  How you took such care and precision with one another.  How you gave each other what you both had in you.  Neither one of you wanted to stop.  The thrill was too good.  The heat of the moment was getting hotter.  You both thought, "Now, this is what life is all about.  Why don't more people take the chance and dare to take challenges?"  At that point you didn't care about the answer to that question, you were too focused on the challenge at hand.  Neither one of you could see anything or anyone else.  You were too blinded by all the luscious curves that were before you.  She was blinded by the way you handled her.  She could not believe you knew exactly how to handle a specimen such as she.  
     As day turned into night and the temperature began to cool down, and when you both thought she could not take any more, she broke through to a new level that even she did not know she had. She thrusted herself even harder towards you.  With each challenge she gave you, you met her challenge with even one better.  When you were both raw and completely spent, she gave you that look from the corner of her eye and smiled softly, seemingly to herself. Once again she began to purr...just a little bit more; all just for you.

    And suddenly you realized that you had just been...Vanquished by a Bronze Beauty Bugatti.

©2014 Jeané Sashi


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