Luv for Haiti

Have you ever wondered if something devasting happened to you, what would you do?  How would you handle it?  Would you cry, kick, scream, and say why me?  Maybe you would experience all of those emotions.

Well, the people of Haiti experienced a great devastion when their City was hit with a ground breaking earthquake.  Not only were homes, schools, cars, grocery stores, and churchs lost, so were lives.  Lives of young children were lost; as young as infancy.  And through all this, the people of the City are able to still smile and be thankful.  Still not taking anything for granted.  Talk about humble.

Music Changing Lives (MCL) under the direction of CEO, Josiah Bruny is making a big difference in the lives of the Haitian Community.  Mr. Bruny and his team of supportive volunteers have been working tirelessly collecting supplies, foods, and goods to dto the people of Haiti. 
Thus far, Mr. Bruny and his team have already visited Haiti in April 2010 and are going back in June 2010.  Their first visit was to take supplies and goods, this next visit is to do the same, but in a big way.  They have containers filled with supplies for the people of Haiti.  This supplies have to travel by train from California to Florida to Haiti.  The time frame to get the supplies to Haiti is by or before June 21, 2010, that's when the team of Music Changing Lives will be arriving in Haiti. 

You can listen to the interview of Josiah Bruny on the At Home Biz Radio Show that took place on Thursday, June 3, 2010 at  MCL are still needing some things to get to the people of Haiti.  You can find a list of those items at

To offer your assistance to the organization for this cause, contact Josiah Bruny at  Now is the time to build a village.

Until Next Time,

Jeane' E. Bennett


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