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Luv for Haiti

Have you ever wondered if something devasting happened to you, what would you do?  How would you handle it?  Would you cry, kick, scream, and say why me?  Maybe you would experience all of those emotions.

Well, the people of Haiti experienced a great devastion when their City was hit with a ground breaking earthquake.  Not only were homes, schools, cars, grocery stores, and churchs lost, so were lives.  Lives of young children were lost; as young as infancy.  And through all this, the people of the City are able to still smile and be thankful.  Still not taking anything for granted.  Talk about humble.

Music Changing Lives (MCL) under the direction of CEO, Josiah Bruny is making a big difference in the lives of the Haitian Community.  Mr. Bruny and his team of supportive volunteers have been working tirelessly collecting supplies, foods, and goods to dto the people of Haiti. 

5 Ways to Curb Bank Overdraft Fees

5 Ways to Curb Bank Overdraft Fees

by Diana Ransom
Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Consumer banking has grown friendlier over the last few years. Most retail banks have done away with annual fees and account minimums on basic accounts. Some now regularly offer cash incentives and other gifts just for signing up. However, banks have long refused to budge on their ultra-lucrative policies on overdraft fees. Now, that's changing too.

On July 1, new federal rules will require banks to ask customers to opt in for overdraft coverage -- a line of credit that kicks in when account holders make purchases that exceed their available checking and debit account balances. To lure customers to their programs, some banks are trimming their overdraft fees. Currently, such fees average $34 per debit transaction or ATM withdrawal, according to the Center for Responsible Lending.

However, under the new law, if account holders don't opt in, banks won't be able to cover their charges when their accoun…