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Find Your Target Audience

Find your Target AudienceFind readers of certain genres by searching for groups on Facebook or hashtags on twitter related to the theme or genre of your book. This is where you fans hide out!Get active! Join these groups, interact and chat with members, share information, read the posts and make comments. Make sure you read the group rules and follow them. Some groups will not allow any promotional posts. I'm a member of over 200 groups on Facebook, and every day I see authors abuse the rules and get booted off.If you can't promote your book in a group, don't be discouraged from joining. In discussing your mutual love of "x" genre, you might make new connections with readers who follow you back and discover you're an author, possibly leading to a sale and a new fan.For groups that allow some promotion, don't bombard their wall with advertising, because the members might get offended at the intrusion of some stranger. Introduce yourself. Ask questions. Con…