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Welcome to Your Future Success
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

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Interview of Author Kenneth E. Rupert

   1.        Share with the group, who and what inspires  you to write?
Since I can remember, I always had a passion to write. In 1987 I had a vision that one day I would be writing and publishing books. I tried to write for years, but never gained any traction. In 2011, I received my Board Certification as a Master Christian Life Coach and a close friend of mine suggested that I write a book as a way of establishing my expertise. I published Planned Excellence that year and have never looked back. What inspires me to write is my passion to add value to others and my faith.
   2.       Why did you choose the genre that you write in?
I tried poetry, fiction, and playwright, but I have learned that my strength is in writing non-fiction. I think I gravitated towards non-fiction because I am able to communicate real life. My struggles are not unique to me. Many others deal with the same questions about the world and how to make their lives better. I have experienced some success in my life and I want to pour that knowledge out to other so they can do the same.
3.       How long did it take you to write your first book?
Literally three months. From the day I told my wife “I think I will write a book,” until the time it published was nine months and six months was the publishing process. I had the material inside of me and all I needed to do was put it down on paper.
4.       When you are not writing what are you doing?
I work a regular nine to five job as a senior data governance analyst for a bio-tech company. I also like to spend time with my wife and son. But when I am not doing those things, I am constantly observing the world around me. I enjoy playing golf because it gives me time to think. I also enjoy spending time with my community group.
5.       What is your writing style?
I write non-fiction that is a communicative style. It is instructional with word pictures and real life examples. I always try to incorporate a teaching/learning element in my writing. I want people to have learned something new after they have finished one of my books. Writing for me is more than putting words down on paper. It is a way of change someone’s paradigm and adding value to someone’s life for the rest of his or her life.
6.       Where is your favorite place to write?
I think best on the golf course. And I write best at night. After the house gets quiet, I can get consumed by writing. Although I have to admit, there are times when it does not matter where I am or what time of day it is, I just get focused and write. Since writing to me is a release, anytime, anywhere as long as there is a medium to record my thoughts, I am in a perpetual state of writing; sometimes physically, but almost always intellectually.
7.       How do you come up with your character names?
Since I write non-fiction I pretty much use real life characters. I might change a name to protect the identity of the person I am telling a story about, but for the most part my characters are not characters at all.
8.       When marketing your book, what do you find most challenging?
I find the most challenging thing about marketing to be encouraging people who purchase my books to leave a review on Amazon. Every author desires feedback. For me, feedback allows me to know that I am changing lives. I believe that if more people provided word of mouth marketing, my efforts to market my books would be more successful. I am satisfied that my words are slowly penetrating the market place, but feedback and word of mouth marketing would surely be a welcomed experience.
9.     Do you need peace and quiet to write or do you have any form of background noise? i.e. music, television.
Doesn’t matter, when I am churning with ideas and thoughts about a specific subject, I can write with either. Because I am an intellectual, I am constantly thinking about life and how to solve the problems of life. Some you cannot solve so I think about how to manage them proactively. This is from where my material comes. Chaos is all around us. Since my mind works to bring order to chaos, it does not really matter if it is quiet or noisy.
10.   Tell our members where they can find your book.
All of my books can be found on my website’s resources page at http://kenrupert.com/Resources.html. The links there will take you to my Amazon page where you can purchase the paper copy or the ebook.

Interview of Author Janet Carol Abney aka Jan Carol

1.       Share with the group, who and what inspires you to write?
Many things, actually.  I grew up in Monterey, CA, practically on the beach.  That inspired my writing when I was 14, when I began my first novel.  Moving to southeast New Mexico, a very different land for sure, I was inspired to write Texas Prisoner, which takes place just over the state line.  Since moving to Missouri, where we've been living over 26 years, I found more time to write, more inspiration in the beauty of the Ozark Mountains.  My children inspire me, mainly because they want to know why I'm not on my computer tapping on the keys!  My husband is very supportive of my writing.
2.       Why did you choose the genre that you write in?
I write what comes into my head.  Stories knock on my skull begging to come out and be put on paper.  I am a romantic, therefore, I think romance.
3.       How long did it take you to write your first book?

Actually 10 years!  I finished the first novel when I was 24...but then I let a friend read it, and found out she had taken psychology in college one semester  After analyzing me, hurting my feelings to the max, I threw the manuscript away.  I didn't write again for a long, long time.  The stories that would pop in my head, I dashed out with cold water.
4.       When you are not writing what are you doing?

These days, I'm editing for other authors.  It is my second love, but it is keeping me very busy.  I love living in other people's heads!  I travel to different countries, different planets, and enjoy different settings.
5.       What is your writing style

I'm not sure.  I just write whatever and however it comes to mind.  I've had one person tell me I write like the old Harlequin books.  That's okay with me.  I used to read them during the time I wasn't writing, so that makes sense.
6.       Where is your favorite place to write?

My favorite place is where my computer is.  Ideally, I think sitting outside with a laptop listening to nature would be where I'd like to write...if I liked laptops.  I have a problem with my eyes, thanks to diabetes, and laptops just don't have the monitor size I need, without paying a lot of money.
7.       How do you come up with your character names?

Sometimes the names of the characters are part of the beginning, most the time it's the last name I have problems with.  With a phone book next to me, I have looked through the pages to find something that sounds right, but most the time, the characters seem to name themselves.
8.       When marketing your book, what do you find most challenging?

Marketing!  Where to find the right places, at the right prices, with the right audience.
9.       Do you need peace and quiet to write or do you have any form of background noise? I.e. music, television.

Since we had a house full of children, I never remember quiet!  I don't need to turn anything on, I still have children at home!  They are watching TV, movies, listening to music, while I tune it all out.  And they have to almost yell at me to get my attention if they need something!  Since I grew up one of 7 children, then had 6 of my own, it's never a dull moment around here!  And my husband is 1 of 13 children...we aren't a quiet family.
10.   Tell our members where they can find your book.

I have 15 finished novels, and the easiest way to find them is to go to my website:

If you go to Amazon.com and search for Jan Carol, you are going to find lots more than just my books.  They are in both ebook and print.  If anyone is interested in “trying one out”, they can email me at momofemmett@gmail.com and ask for the one that sounds most interesting.  I love sharing.

Thank you for this interview.  You've got some great questions, and I love to talk!  Have a great day!

Interview ofAuthor Eunice Owei

   1. Tell the group a little bit about your most recent book.  What inspired you to write your most recent book?
My name is Eunice Oweifaware, Books are my Passion.

My most recent book is called Business Women, I was motivated to write this book, as a result of the struggle's Women face in business, I started my business a little while back, and I struggled with it, as a result of the recession, and people not wanting to spend money for fear of not making extra, I was so worried, that I might stop the business even before I started, but thank God I still own the business, despite the struggles. So all my inspiration came from this experience, and I added some of the characters and stories to spice it up. I have lived in the U.K for a long time and worked and also attended college here, it was a challenge, coming here, going to college and also working to keep body and soul together, but it’s a good learning curve for me, as I have learned a lot about myself and my inner strength which have helped me to get to where I am today.

2.     With being from Africa and living in the U.K., what do you find challenging with marketing your book in the U.S.?
I find marketing my books very difficult, when my first book came out in 2012, which I published with Authorhouse, I did not know what to do, I started doing my research on what to do to no avail, even though I knew they were marketing it, I still wanted to do more for my book, then I started to think of different ways to promote my books, then last year I thought of the book club, hence Universal book Club London was born, and I will say it has help the sale of my books a lot, from when I first published. 

3.     Describe to the group, what does your writing area look like?
My genre is Romance and general, I started to read romance novels from a young age, even when I was not supposed to read them, my older siblings will drop a Mills and Boon, or James Hardley Chase novel, I will pick it up and read at every chance I had to the annoyance of my older siblings, I carried on anyway, I loved the fairy tales and happily ever after.

4.     Do you have a certain food you like to eat when you are writing?
When I am writing I love to eat fruits and peanuts and I also drink lots of water as I tend to feel hot a lot when Ii get excited about writing a chapter and keeping the momentum going trying not to forget or lose what I want to write. 

5.      How has social networking helped you with the marketing of your book?
Social Media has really helped my books a lot as I was shocked that I went to Luton the other day, and somebody recognized me and was chatting with me concerning one of my books they have read, I was so happy. 

6.     Where can members of the group find your book?
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone, and also thank the like for like Facebook pages, which has really helped my books and book page a lot.  This is my author http://goo.gl/zhgYyL.

Have a fantastic day everyone and God bless.

Interview of Author H.D. Campbell

1.     Please tell our members a little bit about yourself and how your writing journey began.
My journey began when I was 10.  I always had an overactive imagination and wanted to give it an outlet.  Ironically, my first piece of writing was a random poem I wrote and showed my teacher.  Next you know, she’s publishing it in a magazine.  That woke me up.  I explored my writing soon after that and began writing short stories about what’s to be the main character in my espionage thriller series.  Eventually, this evolved into other genres.

2.    What is it that draws you the genre you write?
For my romances, I love the idea of romance but I also love how not all romances are the same.  You can have conflicts and know that some can be solved while others can’t.  For my mystery/suspense, I love to create elaborate crimes or set up the most impossible murders and watch them get unraveled by my investigative reporter.  I love old school journalism and finding the truth and investigative reporters are the best ones (in my opinion) next to the police in taking down criminals.  For my espionage thriller, I’m drawn for partially the same reason.  I love creating the most powerful terrorist plots just to see them get taken down.  I can do everything from plan assassinations to steal nuclear warheads.

3.     In one sentence, describe your book(s).
I write a myriad of stories from different genres based on one world.

4.     What would readers be most surprised to know about you?
A lot of time when I write, I’m most creative when listening to music because a lot of times, the music shapes or fits right into the scene.  I know it sounds crazy.

5.     How would your friends describe you in one word?

6.     Now for a little fun, tell us a bit about what your office looks like.  Do you need silence to write?
While always organized, my desk is cluttered.  My office is in the living room.  I keep the television on for noise (I can multitask) or if there’s a show on, I can watch and write.  I SOMETIMES have both my Media Player and television on and I turn down one to give the other priority depending on what’s on.

7.     What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I enjoy spending time with my son Skyler and going out to experience my city.  I love to read everything from novels to comic books. I love watching movies and my favorite shows. 

8.    What are your pet peeves of the publishing industry?
       I don’t like the fact that it’s TOO EASY to get published where anyone can publish whatever they want however they want.  In other words books published with no editing or forethought as to the reader.  With publishing being so easy it sort of dumbs us down because many of us believe that once we’ve published a book, we know everything there is to know about the industry.  Another thing I don’t like is that some of us as authors don’t do enough research on what to expect from publishers then lead to their own understanding and get angry with the publisher.  We tend to misread what a publisher is supposed to do because we group them all into one category.  Each one is different and offer different services despite what our expectations are.

9.     What is your writing process?
Sitting down at my desk with my music, a cup of coffee and pecking away at the keys.  In writing itself, I just sit down and start free writing my story as the ideas flow.  Between my characters steering me and my story.   Mechanically, I don’t worry about “getting it right” the first time.  That’s what the editing and rewrites are for.  I concentrate more on allowing my story to flow.  That can also change in the rewrite.

10.   A day in your writing life.
My writing starts or continues in between my business which is H.D. Campbell Productions where I do editing for other authors as well as other services such as book trailers.  Then in between I’m working on my projects.  Then it’s father and son time with Sky
             Thank you.

Interview of Author Tamyara Brown

Hi, it’s good you could join us for Author Showcase today.  Do you mind if we get started with a few questions?
   1)        What do you do for fun?
      Believe it or not, I love to dance
   2)        Who would play you in the movie about your life and why?
      I would have to say, Jill Scott because I believe she could portray my story and really bring my story to life.
    3)       What types of books are on your bookshelf at home?
      I have romance, motivational, thriller, and urban fiction, books about writing marketing and social media.
    4)       Short answer favorites:  Dessert.  City.  Season.  Type of hero.
      Desert:  Mojave
      City:  Los Angeles
      Season:  Summer
      Type of hero:  Wonder Woman
5)     What flowers would be in your ideal bouquet? Roses and Tulips
6)     What does the area where you write look like?
 It is actually very plain with sticky notes on the wall with writer’s tips.  It is a small room with a desk, chair, books on writing and a lot of pen and papers.  I leave it plain to block out the distractions of my home.  I want to focus on the character and writing.
7)     What inspired you to write your latest release?
Blue’s Treasure was inspired by a former boyfriend who is currently incarcerated.  He was the Harper Blue in my life and I wanted to tell a love story from a man’s point of view.  It is the story we rarely hear about a man loving a woman the way he loves Treasure.
8)     Do you have a favorite hero/heroine you’ve written?  What makes them special?
Yes, from another novel soon to be released Patricia Sergeant from Fat Girl Vigilante.  She is the character that made me step out of my good girl mode and write someone who was evil and twisted.
9)     What can readers expect from you next?
Fat Girl Vigilante
10)  Where can our group members find your book?
 You can find my book at:
Thank you so much Tamyara for being with us today.  Look up her current release and be on the lookout for future releases.

Interview of Author Ralph Jones

    1.       Where do you live? Do you care if I put your hometown in the article?
I live in Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales, it is around 18 miles from Cardiff. Yes you can mention where I live.

    2.       Tell us about your book.
My book The Rage Within is a fictional gangster book. It is about a young boy,(Jake) who was born when his Father was in prison. On his release the Father refused to accept him as his own and treated him badly. As he grew up Jake grew closer to his Mother, who was frequently beaten by his violent Father.

Jake was often in trouble at school for fighting, which led to one of his teachers taking him to a friend of his, who ran a local boxing gym.  Jake took to boxing rather well, until a car crash ruined a promising career, and almost took his life.  He then worked for a local farmer, and fell in love with his daughter, who introduced Jake to the female pleasures, before leaving without telling him, which broke his heart.

He then over the next few years drifted into trouble, until he was befriended by Alex, a gangster from the East end of London, who along with his psychopathic minder, Andy, tricked Jake into thinking that he was his friend.

Andy would often taunt Jake, and would beat him viciously, for no reason, but for fun.  Jake though would not just take the beatings, he would fight back often leaving Andy bruised and battered.

Alex eventually framed Jake for crimes that he did not commit, with the help of a corrupt police officer, who Alex was paying, leaving Jake to pay a heavy price when he was jailed for murder.

3.       What inspired you to write?
I was inspired to write after the 1984 British miner’s strike.  A good friend of mine used to say that somebody should write about our experiences during the strike.  It took me many years to decide to try and write about our experiences, and when I was half way through my friend sadly passed away. I was so sad and upset when he died that I almost stopped writing the book, until my son convinced me to finish the book as a tribute to my friend.  After I finished that book, I then decided to try and write a fictional story, which turned into The Rage Within.

4.       What is your writing process? How long does it take you to write a book?
My writing process is, when I get an idea I will make a note, and then when I have enough notes I will then start to put things together.  Most of my ideas come to me when I am out walking with my dog.  I will then come home and try to put my ideas into words.  I think The Rage Within took me around a year, as when I ran out of ideas, I would leave it and write some short stories, or poems, which turned into another book later on.  The Silent Wheels took me around 9 months once I really decided to do it.

5.       Who are some of your favorite authors?
My favorite authors. That's a good question. I am a big fan of James Patterson, I think he has a fantastic way with his characters.  I also quite like Andy McNab, who writes a lot of S.A.S. novels based on his personal experiences.  If I'm honest I have not really got favorite authors, if I see a book and it takes my fancy, I will have a quick look and if I like it I will buy it.

I also like to read a good autobiography.  I was bought Graham Nash's autobiography for Christmas, but I am trying to keep it until I go on holidays.

6.       Do you have any more books coming out? When?
I will have a book out hopefully by the end of July.  It is a project I was talked into doing.  It is about the history of the ruby club, I have followed for many years.  I have really enjoyed doing it, and going back over the years with some of the older men in the club.  And also I have enjoyed talking to the players, old and present, and reliving the past times.

I have also started to put down a few ideas for a sequel to The Rage Within, so I will have to wait and see how it goes.

7.       How did you go about getting your book published? How long did it take?
The publishing of both books took a long time.  I was sending e-mails to different people and companies and was either being rejected, or sometimes I did not have an answer.

It was during this time, that I decided to write The Rage Within, and by the time that I finally found a publisher, The Rage Within was finished.  I then asked them if they would publish both books and they agreed.

I did not get a great financial package, but at least the books are out there now.

My third book, Odes and Stories, was published much quicker by a company in America by the name of Welsh-American bookstore.

8.       Are you doing any book signings or author talks in the area? If so, when and where?
I have not done any major book signings, except for a few of my friends who have bought my books.

I have done a talk in our local library, and I will also be doing a reading next month (June),in the Merthyr library, in conjunction with their adults learning week, which I think is a good cause.

9.       Is there anything else you'd to tell us?
If I have one thing to say, it would be, if anybody wants to write a book, just sit down and do it, and do not be put off. It can be a long and sometimes tedious process, when the ideas seem to dry up, and when you finish, and keep getting turned down by publishers.

I am 60 years of age now, and did not write my first book until 2 years ago. I have never been trained as a writer, nor did I have University education, but I have always enjoyed reading and am now enjoying writing.

The poetry book is a mixture of verse and satirical short stories in prose. The poetry is mainly about the times when I worked as a coal miner, a subject that is close to my heart.  I find that if you can sit down, and put into words what is in your heart then it can be really satisfying.

I also wrote a poem for a Holocaust memorial service that was actually read out, by the church Minister. I had an e-mail saying that people at the service were touched by my words, which was very nice.

I was also given a creative writing award, by the local Library.  This was the first writing award I have ever had, and I am really pleased to have had it.  So my final words are that if I can do it so can anybody else who is willing to try.

10.   How can our group members find your book?  All my books are available on Amazon/books.  The Rage Within and The Silent Wheels are both under the name K.R. Jones, while Odes and Stories is under Ralph Jones.

Thank you very much for given me the chance to showcase my books.

Interview of Author Marion Lovato


   1.       What are your Thoughts on the Power of Words?
   2.       Thoughts on the Power of Words?

Questions 1 and 2 seem to be asking the same thing. The power of words, whether spoken or written, is incredible. When spoken, words can evoke emotions ranging all the way from exhilarating happiness to enraging anger. Unfortunately, once a word is spoken, it can never be taken back. Words are the result of thoughts which, in themselves, are also very powerful. Choosing your words wisely is very good advice! The written word, however, has a much broader scope to me. One of the reasons I love to read is because the words can conjure visualizations in my mind of people and places. I can travel the world, live through an adventure, solve a murder, cry if the story is sad, and never leave my chair. There are authors who can transport me so easily that I can thoroughly get lost in a book. People who don't enjoy reading are really missing out.

3.       What was the inspiration for your characters?
The inspiration for my characters are my own two cats, mainly the younger one, Sammy. I live with this “raw material” every day and watch all the crazy things that he does which makes me laugh. I just have to add a little imagination to make it into a story.

4.       List The 5 Things You Know For Sure are:
       a. God is an integral part of my life
       b. The sun will come up tomorrow no matter if I have problems or not.
       c. My cats love me unconditionally.
       d. I am respected as an author.
       e. Life is good.

5.       What is your writing process? How long does it take you to write a book?
My writing process varies according to how busy my life is. I have many social activities that I'm involved in with friends in addition to caring for my 95-year-old mother. By the way, she still lives in her own home! Ideally, I spent half an hour a day around one in the afternoon writing or researching a new idea for my blogs. That seems to be a consistently quiet time in my life, so I take advantage of it when I can. A cup of coffee, a stick of gum, and I'm ready to go! It didn't take very long to write the stories I've already written, but I'm not writing a novel. They are short children stories.

6.       Who are some of your favorite authors?
There are several authors that I consider my “favorites”. My overall favorite for crime mysteries is James Patterson. I get a book of his and can hardly put it down. If I want a medical thriller, I look for Robin Cook. Janet Evanovich is my all-time favorite for comedy. Her Stephanie Plum series has me rolling on the floor sometimes. It's even more special because I had the chance to meet her in Las Vegas and was able to visit with her a little bit. For legal drama, I like John Grisham.

7.       Tell us about your book.
Sam, the Superkitty, is about my younger cat, Sammy. At one time I had wanted to write a novel, but life always got in the way. After I became a cat person, all that changed. As I indicated before, I live with this cat and get to watch him in action everyday. When I was a teacher, I loved reading stories to my class. The smiles on their faces and the twinkle in their eyes when they were enjoying a story was very rewarding. Kids love animals, so writing about my cat seemed the natural thing to do.

8.       Do you have any more books coming out? When?
I'm planning on getting the second book out by Christmas if everything goes according to plan. The story is already written; it's just a matter of editing and publishing. Thinking of self-publishing this one.

9.       Is there anything else you'd to us me?
Available on Facebook at and  http://www.facebook.com/LittleUmpersStudio and @mrnlovato on Twitter.

10.   Where can our readers find your book(s)?
The book is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1604588667