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Jewels and Glam

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Interview of Author Kenneth E. Rupert

1.Share with the group, who and what inspires  you to write? Since I can remember, I always had a passion to write. In 1987 I had a vision that one day I would be writing and publishing books. I tried to write for years, but never gained any traction. In 2011, I received my Board Certification as a Master Christian Life Coach and a close friend of mine suggested that I write a book as a way of establishing my expertise. I published Planned Excellence that year and have never looked back. What inspires me to write is my passion to add value to others and my faith.    2.Why did you choose the genre that you write in? I tried poetry, fiction, and playwright, but I have learned that my strength is in writing non-fiction. I think I gravitated towards non-fiction because I am able to communicate real life. My struggles are not unique to me. Many others deal with the same questions about the world and how to make their lives better. I have experienced some success in my life and I want to po…

Interview of Author Janet Carol Abney aka Jan Carol

1.Share with the group, who and what inspires you to write?
Many things, actually.I grew up in Monterey, CA, practically on the beach.That inspired my writing when I was 14, when I began my first novel.Moving to southeast New Mexico, a very different land for sure, I was inspired to write Texas Prisoner, which takes place just over the state line.Since moving to Missouri, where we've been living over 26 years, I found more time to write, more inspiration in the beauty of the Ozark Mountains.My children inspire me, mainly because they want to know why I'm not on my computer tapping on the keys!My husband is very supportive of my writing. 2.Why did you choose the genre that you write in? I write what comes into my head.Stories knock on my skull begging to come out and be put on paper.I am a romantic, therefore, I think romance. 3.How long did it take you to write your first book?

Actually 10 years!I finished the first novel when I was 24...but then I let a friend read it, and found o…

Interview ofAuthor Eunice Owei

1.Tell the group a little bit about your most recent book.What inspired you to write your most recent book? My name is Eunice Oweifaware, Books are my Passion.
My most recent book is called Business Women, I was motivated to write this book, as a result of the struggle's Women face in business, I started my business a little while back, and I struggled with it, as a result of the recession, and people not wanting to spend money for fear of not making extra, I was so worried, that I might stop the business even before I started, but thank God I still own the business, despite the struggles. So all my inspiration came from this experience, and I added some of the characters and stories to spice it up. I have lived in the U.K for a long time and worked and also attended college here, it was a challenge, coming here, going to college and also working to keep body and soul together, but it’s a good learning curve for me, as I have learned a lot about myself and my inner strength which…

Interview of Author H.D. Campbell

1.Please tell our members a little bit about yourself and how your writing journey began. My journey began when I was 10.I always had an overactive imagination and wanted to give it an outlet.Ironically, my first piece of writing was a random poem I wrote and showed my teacher.Next you know, she’s publishing it in a magazine.That woke me up.I explored my writing soon after that and began writing short stories about what’s to be the main character in my espionage thriller series.Eventually, this evolved into other genres.
2.What is it that draws you the genre you write? For my romances, I love the idea of romance but I also love how not all romances are the same.You can have conflicts and know that some can be solved while others can’t.For my mystery/suspense, I love to create elaborate crimes or set up the most impossible murders and watch them get unraveled by my investigative reporter.I love old school journalism and finding the truth and investigative reporters are the best ones (in m…

Interview of Author Tamyara Brown

Hi, it’s good you could join us for Author Showcase today.Do you mind if we get started with a few questions? Good.    1)What do you do for fun?       Believe it or not, I love to dance    2)Who would play you in the movie about your life and why?       I would have to say, Jill Scott because I believe she could portray my story and really bring my story to life.     3)What types of books are on your bookshelf at home?       I have romance, motivational, thriller, and urban fiction, books about writing marketing and social media.     4)Short answer favorites:Dessert.City.Season.Type of hero.       Desert:Mojave       City:Los Angeles       Season:Summer       Type of hero:Wonder Woman 5)What flowers would be in your ideal bouquet? Roses and Tulips 6)What does the area where you write look like?  It is actually very plain with sticky notes on the wall with writer’s tips.It is a small room with a desk, chair, books on writing and a lot of pen and papers.I leave it plain to block out the distractions o…

Interview of Author Ralph Jones

1.Where do you live? Do you care if I put your hometown in the article? I live in Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales, it is around 18 miles from Cardiff. Yes you can mention where I live.
    2.Tell us about your book. My book The Rage Within is a fictional gangster book. It is about a young boy,(Jake) who was born when his Father was in prison. On his release the Father refused to accept him as his own and treated him badly. As he grew up Jake grew closer to his Mother, who was frequently beaten by his violent Father.
Jake was often in trouble at school for fighting, which led to one of his teachers taking him to a friend of his, who ran a local boxing gym.Jake took to boxing rather well, until a car crash ruined a promising career, and almost took his life.He then worked for a local farmer, and fell in love with his daughter, who introduced Jake to the female pleasures, before leaving without telling him, which broke his heart.
He then over the next few years drifted into trouble, until h…

Interview of Author Marion Lovato

1.What are your Thoughts on the Power of Words?    2.Thoughts on the Power of Words?
Questions 1 and 2 seem to be asking the same thing. The power of words, whether spoken or written, is incredible. When spoken, words can evoke emotions ranging all the way from exhilarating happiness to enraging anger. Unfortunately, once a word is spoken, it can never be taken back. Words are the result of thoughts which, in themselves, are also very powerful. Choosing your words wisely is very good advice! The written word, however, has a much broader scope to me. One of the reasons I love to read is because the words can conjure visualizations in my mind of people and places. I can travel the world, live through an adventure, solve a murder, cry if the story is sad, and never leave my chair. There are authors who can transport me so easily that I can thoroughly get lost in a book. People who don't enjoy reading are really missing out.
3.What was the inspiration for your characters? The inspirati…