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Welcome to Your Future Success
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Interview ofAuthor Eunice Owei

   1. Tell the group a little bit about your most recent book.  What inspired you to write your most recent book?
My name is Eunice Oweifaware, Books are my Passion.

My most recent book is called Business Women, I was motivated to write this book, as a result of the struggle's Women face in business, I started my business a little while back, and I struggled with it, as a result of the recession, and people not wanting to spend money for fear of not making extra, I was so worried, that I might stop the business even before I started, but thank God I still own the business, despite the struggles. So all my inspiration came from this experience, and I added some of the characters and stories to spice it up. I have lived in the U.K for a long time and worked and also attended college here, it was a challenge, coming here, going to college and also working to keep body and soul together, but it’s a good learning curve for me, as I have learned a lot about myself and my inner strength which have helped me to get to where I am today.

2.     With being from Africa and living in the U.K., what do you find challenging with marketing your book in the U.S.?
I find marketing my books very difficult, when my first book came out in 2012, which I published with Authorhouse, I did not know what to do, I started doing my research on what to do to no avail, even though I knew they were marketing it, I still wanted to do more for my book, then I started to think of different ways to promote my books, then last year I thought of the book club, hence Universal book Club London was born, and I will say it has help the sale of my books a lot, from when I first published. 

3.     Describe to the group, what does your writing area look like?
My genre is Romance and general, I started to read romance novels from a young age, even when I was not supposed to read them, my older siblings will drop a Mills and Boon, or James Hardley Chase novel, I will pick it up and read at every chance I had to the annoyance of my older siblings, I carried on anyway, I loved the fairy tales and happily ever after.

4.     Do you have a certain food you like to eat when you are writing?
When I am writing I love to eat fruits and peanuts and I also drink lots of water as I tend to feel hot a lot when Ii get excited about writing a chapter and keeping the momentum going trying not to forget or lose what I want to write. 

5.      How has social networking helped you with the marketing of your book?
Social Media has really helped my books a lot as I was shocked that I went to Luton the other day, and somebody recognized me and was chatting with me concerning one of my books they have read, I was so happy. 

6.     Where can members of the group find your book?
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone, and also thank the like for like Facebook pages, which has really helped my books and book page a lot.  This is my author http://goo.gl/zhgYyL.

Have a fantastic day everyone and God bless.

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