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The Secret of Becoming a Conscious Entrepreneur

Dear Friends,

If you’re a conscious entrepreneur or know someone who is a conscious entrepreneur I am thrilled to share a special book that anyone who is ready to increase their commitment to running a conscious business should read.

This is a book sure to transform how people around the globe conduct business. It’s no longer business as usual.

In Align, Expand and Succeed, Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success, you’ll meet 40 extraordinary men and women, from solopreneurs, healers, breath workers, CEOs of multimillion dollar corporations, doctors, speakers, radio hosts, coaches – men and women who answered the call to share their insights and inspiration of what it took to live their truth as conscious entrepreneurs. A truth that has brought them happiness, joy and abundance.

Their individual and collective experiences will touch you, amaze you and impact the way you view business – forever!

Enjoy a unique experience with 40 men and women who dared to step into their po…