Jewels and Glam

Greetings Ladies:
As the holidays will be upon us before you even know it...yes, it will be here.  I know, I know, many of us do not want to face but reality is inevitable.
I would like to present to you two opportunities of making extra income that may help you get through to the holidays and make the holidays a prosperous day for you and your family.
The opportunities are to own your own online jewelry and make-up boutique. You can start immediately as soon as you sign-up.  Your website is provided for you at cost to you.
I've started an online Boutique called Jewels and Glam. I'm enjoying customizing my Boutique, filling it with products, and writing reviews. The cool thing is, I'm actually earning money in the process! In fact, I make up to 35% on every sale.
The transactions are all online so all I have to do is pick the pieces I think my friends will love. My website does the marketing and shipping for me. It's totally flexible, so it fits into my busy schedule.
I think this would be a great opportunity for you, too. It's completely free to sign up. Check it out at
I'm also a Younique Presenter. I'm enjoying working with Glaming ladies up. Whether you want to get Glammed for a special event, a hot date, or just because...I'll be your glam lady. Let's get to know each other and have some Glamtastic fun!
With the Glam business you have several ways you can run your business, I choose to run mine all online.  With this business I am paid daily.  Doesn't sound wonderful?  It does to me.  You schedule is your own.
I think this too would be a great opportunity for you, too.  There is a $99.00 fee to sign-up.  Check it out at
If you're interested or have questions, let's chat more about it so I can fill you in on the details.
Talk soon,
Jeané Elliott Bennett
Jewels and Glam
(916) 538-1466 (Leave me a message)


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