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When I signed up to host a Blog Talk Radio Show (, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I didn't even know how to create my site for the show or know anything about what kind of show I would host. I just knew I wanted to host a Talk Radio Show. I went into the venture blind.

I read all the information on the site to be read about hosting a Talk Radio Show. I began to play with names for my show and create my site for the show.

The day I hosted my first show I was quite nervous. I wasn't interviewing anyone I was just speaking about being in business; basically a verbal blog. I didn't know how I came across over the phone or on the air until I heard the play back. That's when I decided to do a weekly show in order to fine tune a possible new skill.

In the beginning of starting the Radio Show, my shows were about business and how to market your business without any guest or callers. That became boring to me because I felt as though I was talking to myself. Now, I have ventured out and have become more comfortable with hosting the Radio Show. I now have featured guest with callers calling in to listen to the show, as well as visitors to the chat room chatting about the current show.

I had solicited two guest for my show. The other guests had come to me on their own asking to be a guest on my show. I was told the Host Name (At Home Biz Radio) of my show is what caught their eye. That was a big head swell for me. For someone to actually approach me via an online message wanting to be a guest on my show was an honor. I must have been doing something right.

When I consider interviewing a guest, I ask the guest to send me a biography of themselves along with any pertinent information about their business or the subject matter of the show. If the guest is a book author, I request that the guest send me the book in order for me to be able to read the book before the shows interview. You see where I'm going with this? With this information about my guest, I derive my questions and my show from the information. So far, that has proven to be quite successful.

In essence, Blog Talk Radio is good for business, any business, relaxing, and also fun.

Till Next Time

Jeane' Elliott Bennett


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