Marketers have many ways to try to get you to buy their products. You might want to try some of these.

Jingle/Slogan: a song or phrase that helps them remember your product.

Cartoon Characters: an animated character that promotes a products. (this can be done on some animated sites on the internet such as; it's a site that I've used).

Star Power: a celebrity (like a movie star, a model, a football player) who says he or she uses the product. (that's it you have the means to do this)

Wannabe Appeal: “wannabe” means “I want to be.” The product promises to make you be the way you want, like stronger, healthier, richer, more popular, or happier.

Latest Greatest: everybody loves it wants it. Don’t be left out.

Sensory Appeal: it tastes good, looks good, smells good, or feels good. (this is also a great way; try before you buy).

Better Than: this product is better than other brands of the same product.

Dollar Power: you will save money or get something free if you buy this product.

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Jeane' E. Bennett


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