Welcome to Your Future Success

Welcome to Your Future Success
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Learning To Lead

Being First, Fair, Firm & Flexible

Have you Recognized 10 people you believe to be great Leaders? Why are those 10 people are/were great Leaders?

Best First

Set the Pace - you set the pace by be the Best First in order for others to follow through your actions.

Set the Standard - by setting standards your expectations help or hinder others.

Common Goals Unify Teams - set team goals that can be attainable by all team members. Communicate the goals of the team clearly in order to empower your team.


KISS = Keep It Short & Simple

* Keeping it short:
- Know what you want to say before you speak
- Come to the point directly
- Clearly define what is expected of each memeber of your team in order for them
be successful

* Keep it simple:
- Use simple words in order for everyone to understand
- Take into consideration your receiver's ability to understand
- Don't talk down to people

* Articulate
- What
- How
- When
- Why

Set The Mood

* Moods are Contagious

* Consider how you...
- Greet the day positive
- Look at challenges as stepping stones
- Recognize and celebrate success
- Encourage those who are struggling; they may need your help
- React to failure not as defeat

Until Next Time

Jeane' Elliott Bennett

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