Are You Devoted or Devoured?

Those who are devoted...
* work to live
* keep each job and its responsibilities separate from the other
* don't brag about their accomplishments, they just enjoy what they do
* have time for themselves, their jobs, and their families
* spend extra hours getting their presentation or project just right
* see their "to-do" list as a welcome challenge
* can see the light at the end of the tunnel
* work to achieve their best
* say "no" for the sake of balance and optimum work performance
* work hard and smart to leave time for play
* maintain a schedule
* understand that they must take time to renew themselves

Those who are devoured...
* live to work
* use the "other job" as an excuse for poor performance or attendance
* brag about what they do to convince themselves of their happiness
* never feel like they can get it all done
* try to just finish their work - not perfect it
* see their "to do" list as a dreaded task
* are searching around in the darkness of each professional dilemma
* hope for the best
* say no because they are juggling too many tasks unsuccessfully
* work hard to have time for play
* struggle with making and keeping a schedule
* don't have time to renew themselves

Don't be discouraged if you find yourself leaning more to being devoured than to being devoted. These fresh perspectives can shed some light on the potential to get where you want to be.

Until Next Time

Jeane' Elliott Bennett

Compliments of Work It Girl!

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