Are You a Woman Struggling to Find Your Voice, Value, Purpose and Power?

Have you every wondered how a woman's life is different from male's?  Have you ever been a situation that you had and wanted to get out of?  Have you ever wanted to quit and run away?  Have you ever wanted to free yourself from your past?  Had low self-esteem? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then it's time to Free Yourself From Your Past and Escape Your Past.

You can begin to take the steps to free yourself from you past and move towards your future.  Whether your future is in business, with family, or just you being happy, you have the ability to do it.  You have the ability to stop the self-defeat.  To re-gain your self-esteem.  Have the happiness and things in life that you want.  Get over your depression; pick yourself up and dust yourself off and Escape Your Past.

Margaret Futerer answered yes to all the above questions, she escaped her past and started a better life for herself.  She wrote the book "Escape Your Past: Free Yourself from the Past and Transform Your Life," a step by step guide to emotional freedom based on the process she used to create freedom in her own life.  Margaret escape her past of being raised in a polygamist commune.  Her struggles were those of a determined and courageous young lady, determined for a better way of life.  Wanting not to live her life in the norms of communal living. 

Margaret created the organization Magnificent Women which is designed to hlep other women find peace, joy and fulflillment.  Find out more about Margaret Futerer at the above website.

Until Next Time,

Jeane' Elliott Bennett


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