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How to Avoid High Currency Exchange Fees ELLIOTT EXQUISITE VACATIONS - DREAM VACATIONS·MONDAY, APRIL 9, 20181 Read If you travel repeatedly then you probably engage in currency conversion a lot; and every time you do, your bank tries to rip you off as much cash as they can in the process. Even worse, currency exchange rip-offs at airport currency booths can cost travelers more than 400 dollars for every 1,200 dollars they exchange. If you are not careful enough, you might pay fees and interests that cancel out your savings. Here are numerous ideas to help you evade unreasonably high exchange rates. 1.Research on the different types of foreign ATM fees Most ATMs usually charge fees. And in most cases, these fees vary if you are not a member of the respective bank. To ensure you avoid unnecessary hidden fees, research and find out every foreign bank linked with your local bank. However, also note that some banks charge fees and interests to every user. 2.Exchange currencies before leavi…

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