I received the cutest text message this morning from a fellow friend regarding one of the shows of At Home Biz Radio. Here goes:

Friend: Good Morning I can't get through at 646-929-0711...I continue to receive the following recording: a Your show is scheduled to start in 23 hours 54 minutes please call back within 15 minutes of scheduled show time.

donjearomance(Me): I know you won't get through until I'm on the air which will be tomorrow morning

Friend: Duh, really? I jumped the day? How stupid of me...I thought it was this morning

donjearomance(Me): Lol

Friend: Then the recording was right but it still say 11:00 on that page and on the home page.

donjearomance(Me): love the excitement. I'm gonna blog this. Its 10 am

Friend: Yes, I was ready to listen to your show. Catch ya' later sweetie.

donjearomance(Me): Bye

Now, I wouldn't call my friend stupid, I would just say my friend was excited to listen to my show. That made me smile and warmed my heart. What a way to start off my Sunday? GREAT!

Until Next Time,

Jeane' E. Bennett



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