Deciding if Operating a Home Based Business is Right for You

Operating a business out of your home is an attractive proosition, but one that needs to be evaluated and researched thoroughly.  You want a business that you are passionate about or are going to be passionate about.

Here are some points to help you in your decision making...

1)  Decide "WHY" you want to work at home or have a home based business.  Is it for the job flexibility, health reasons or a career change?  Are you hoping to avoid a communte?  Your "WHY" is going to be a very important factor in your decision making.  Your "WHY" will also be the basis of your business plan.

2)  Consider your personality.  Ar you easily distracted, or are you self-displicined?  A self-disciplined individual is generally more successful at operating a home based business.    Self-disciplined people are focused and let nothing get in their way of what they are trying to accomplish.  That's not to say that someone who is easily distracted will not be successful, they will have to work a lot harder because of the distractions.

3)  Consider your career goals.  Can they be achieved while working from home?  Where is it that you see in your business being in the future?  Can you achieve your dream while having a home business?  These are things to put into consideration.

4)  Try it out for a while.  If it doesn't work out, you can always return to more traditional employment.  Dont' give your business 3 months and quit.  Give it a least 6 months to one year.  In all honesty, give it 3 years.  Everything takes time and nothing is going to happen over night. 

5)  Consider the financial implication.  Will working from home save you money, or cost you a regular paycheck?  Be prepared to set up a new budget, and stick toit until your home based buiness gets rolling - or you choose to return to traditional employment.  You should set up a financial cushion for your household expenses and not touch it.  This way that will be one thing off your mind.

Until Next Time,

Jeane' Elliott Bennett


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