Mentor: The Kid and The CEO

In early 2009 I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Pace regarding his book "Mentor: The Kid and The CEO."  The interview was a very good interview as is his book. 

I came across Tom's book on the internet and ordered it; once I received it and read it, I couldn't put it down.  I read it in 3 1/2 hours and have since read it 6 times.  After reading the book the first time, I had to interview Tom about the book and I also acquired 12 copies of the book that I used to mentor youths and adults.  One of the youths that I mentored using the book, read the book 3 times, enjoyed it, and has since graduated from high school and is now attending college.  The adult that I mentored using the book, has gone on to make major accomplishments in his life. 

I said all that to say this, I have 6 copies of Tom's book left and I would like to pass them along to those that  are actually going to read the book and take in all the knowledge that comes with reading it.  There will be no charge for the book; all I ask is that you subscribe to this blog and join the At Home Biz family at  In order to receive your FREE copy of the book, go to and click on the Contact At Home Biz tab and put in the subject line "Mentor: The Kid and The CEO."  In the body, give your name, mailing address, along with city, state, and zip and the book will be mailed out to you.

Here is an overview of the book:

"The last time I was in the Oklahoma County Jail was six months ago. I wound up with a suspended sentence on a second-degree burglary charge. My court-appointed lawyer warned me about staying out of trouble. 'Don't get a speeding ticket or even a parking ticket. Don't even jaywalk. If you get in any trouble at all, you could do up to seven years in prison. Son, do you understand?'"
The kid was back in jail. He had made another stupid mistake and now he was a felon facing sentencing. He felt his life slipping away...until he met the CEO.

This is a simple story about an unlikely pair of friends who learned the meaning of trust to overcome the odds and turn their failures into dreams. This is the ultimate story of hope.

The book is a very good read and has a very inspiring story.  So, the first 6 people to respond will be the lucky ones to receive the book.

Until Next Time,

Jeane' Bennett


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