How to Manage Your Time

Time marches on for some and over for others.
Deadlines are a hitchhikers guide into the galaxy...I love the sound they make as they go swishing by.

Computers and the Internet were supposed to make life easier; instead, people are busier than ever.  Wheer you are single or juggling family responsibilities, learn to manage your time to get as mu as you can out of each day.

1.  Create a schedule or to-do list.  Write down deadlines for accomplishing certain tasks.  If you don't finish the task by the deadline, don't get discouraged, just keep going and put the deadline out to a future date.

2.  Plan to tackle difficult projects at the times of day when you are most alert.  Get the harder task out of the way so the easy task are just that, easy.

3.  Schedule time for people, including yourself.  You need to have that "Me" time for yourself.  To replenish yourself.  Create some personal time bywaking up half an hour earlier or going to bed half and hour later that usual; plan a weekly date with your spouse, or arrage to have lunch with friends.  Scheduling will keep you on track and you won't feel there is not enough hours in the day.

4.  Prioritize what you need to accomplish.  "Pareto's Principle" states that 80% of your accomplishments come from 20% of your efforts, so think strategically:  Locate and isolate this valuable 20%, then focus your efforts on the tasks that promise the greatest rewards.

5.  Delegate as many tasks as you can.  Hand out projects to others, recruit your children to help with the household chores, hire a gardener to maintain your lawn, or better yet, make it a family project.

6.  Learn to say "No" to nonessential demands on your time.  Don't volunteer for a committee if you don't have time, and decline invitations to events you don't have time to attend.  Don't feel guility, you can't be everywhere.  Choose what events will serve you and your business the best.

Hopefully with managing your time, you will start to see your Vision!

Until Next Time,

Jeane' Elliott Bennett


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