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Welcome to Your Future Success
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Monday, March 1, 2010

How to Stop Procrastinating and Work Efficiently

There's an old joke that the members of Procrastinators Anonymous keep meaning to meet...but keep putting it off.

1.  Think about why you procrastinate:  Are you afraid of failing at the task?  Are you a perfectionist and only willing to begin working after every little element is in place?  Are you easily distracted?

2.  Break up a large, difficult projecgt into several smaller pieces.  Tackle each piece separately. 

3.  Set deadlines for completion.  Try assigning yourself small-scale deadline for example, commit to reading a certain number of pages in the next hour.

4.  Work in small blocks of time instead of in long stretches.  Try working in one to two hour spurts, allowingyourself a small break after each stint.

5.  Start with the easiest aspect of a large, complex project.  For example, if you're writing a business plan and find that the introduction is turning out to be hard to write, start writing the body instead.

6.  Enlist others to help.  There is nothing wrong with asking for help.  Make a bet with your family, friends,or co-workers that you will finish a particular projecgt by a specified time, or find other ways to make yourself accountable.

7.  Eliminate distractions or move to a place where you can concentrate.  Turn off the television, the ringer on the phone, the radio and anything else that might keep you from your task.  Ask family members to give you some time to yourself. 

8.  Keep your desk and your file organized to avoid wasting time shuffling through pile of paper. 

9.  Go through your inbox at the beginning of each work day. 

10. Prioritize a list of the tasks you need to accomplish that day.  You can do this the night before with a to do list.

11. If you have an assistant, don't hesitate to delegate tasks to your assistant.

12. Finish one task before you go on to the next one.

13.  Reduce paperwork by storing important imformatio on your computer if you have the room. 

14. Communicate with all parties involved that are working with and for you.

15. Schedule time when you'll be available, and let everyone know, this is to avoid constant interruptions.

16. Take breaks.  A short walk or quick lucnd away fromt he office will increase your overall productivity.

17. Make sure your desk and office are tidy each night. 

18. If you're working a traditional 9 to 5 job, try not to bring work home with you.  You already have enought on your plate with your home based business.

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Jeane' Elliott Bennett

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