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Do you know what a PSYCH-K is?  I didn't until this morning.  a PSYCH-K is a process that actually can "reprogram" your subconscious mind to support your desires.  Now how awesome is that?  I found it to be great information.
In speaking with Anastasia Netri this morning,  I learned that subconscious values conflicts.  It helps you learn to focus and that organization is the key.  It's also a survival mechanism that uses homeostatsis to maintain whatever balance exists.  And that goals determine what you are doing today. 

Anastasia shared with us on the At Home Biz Radio Show the 60/40/40 Work Cycle.  Work cycle that can change the way you work and your productivity and work with your natural energy cycle.

She broke it down to the audience in this manner...Time is your best friend...

1.  50 minutes of your time should be concentrating on your work.  Turn off your phone(s), don't answer any e-mails.  Focus on your work.
2.  10 minutes of your time should be break time.  Stand up stretch...jump around, take a walk...get the juices flowing again.
3.  40 minutes of your time should be done networking in the way that you network.
4.  20 minutes of your time should be done on an eating break.

Once this cycle is's repeated until your work ours are completed.  Mind, you keep track of the time by using a timer.  This timer becomes your best friend.  This helps you with time management and aids you with being stress free. 

To know more about the PSYCH-K, you can contact Anastasia Netri at

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Jeane' Elliott Bennett


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