Become Your Destination

Good Morning and Great Day...

You can have everything you want. No matter where you are on the learning line of life all the resources you need are always available to you so that you can reach the destination you are seeking powerfully. You just need to call them to you. Did you know that once you set your intention and speak it with conviction and hold a strong and unwavering belief the universe will set in motion the flow of LIFE so that you receive all that is already destined to make your desires manifest in all the ways you can think them into reality? By being the very thing you are intending to become there can be no other way than total success in the efforts you put forth for your goals to become real.

When you Become Your Destination your destination becomes all of the presence and power you commit it to be. In life we all have ups and downs, feelings of being unsure about a course of action, ways in which we can talk ourselves out of doing something, being susceptible to others points of view of how we should be and many other roadblocks that inhibit and deny our true calling to be brought forth. Sometimes we call this weakness. I call it a lack of commitment to the inner calling that is seeking to express itself as our authentic self. Whether it comes from some fear or a doubt about one's ability the result is the same. We get thrown off course by the limited thinking of such beliefs and therefore we give in to mediocrity and sameness.
I know we all have a burning desire within to achieve greatness in the passion for excellence that calls for us to have it all. Become Your Destination in all you do. Align yourself with all the things you need to accomplish your goal. Think powerful and positive thoughts and above all believe in yourself because when you do all of LIFE will as well. You are destined for greatness which is why you are here so you might as well step into that and become the very thing you hold in your dreams.

"There is no thing that can stand in between what you see for yourself... except if you can't see it....and if you can't see it it's only because your not looking in the right place."

The magnificence of LIFE is etched on my soul
My heart is home to the passion in me
I see abundance everywhere I look
I know that I AM ready to have it all
Within me is a burning desire for excellence
I claim my destiny by setting my intention to
Become the Destination I choose to be

It's your day... MAKE IT A GREAT ONE

Hear Life From A Higher Vibration,
For Your Success
Paul Hoffman


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