Need Help Lowering the Rates on Your Credit Cards?

Try the credit card companies' dedicated help lines to get your rate lowered.

Each of the major credit card companies has a dedicated help line that is devoted exclusively to assisting customers who are having problems with credit card debt.  If calling the company directly does not get you a lower interest rate, the people on the dedicated help line may be able to do better.  There's no harm in trying.

Here are the key phone numbers.  (You can also find them on

1.  Bank of America:  (800) 500-5306
2.  Capital One:  (866) 929-5303
3.  Discover Card:  (866) 567-1660
4.  FIA Card Services:  (888) 635-0776
5.  Citi:  (866) 936-4814
6.  Citi, for your Sears Card:  (866) 532-9532
7.  Citi, for The Home Depot Credit Card:  (866) 532-9689
8.  Citi, for your Macy's Credit Card:  (866) 785-1079
9.  Citi, for your retail and gas cards:  (866) 683-0924

Be sure to check the back of your credit card for their phone number if the credit card is not on this list.

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