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Teens need consistency.  Without it, nothing changes, but with it, you can enjoy a better relationship with your teen.

Being a Connected Parent means being connected to something else other than your jobs, your cars, your blackberrys, etc.  It means tuning into your child, hence, tuning into their emotional and mental states. 

Ask your self  "Do you really want to be there for your child?  Or are you just going through the motions?  Do you actually listen to your child, and not only hear them, but really listen to them when they speak or want ot talk to you?  Or are you too busy with other things? 

These are questions that trigger the minds of our children and have some of them wondering if their parents actually care about them.
Dr. Adekemi "Kemi" Oguntala, M.D. known as "The Teen Doc" specializes in helping parents, teachers, and health professionals communicated with teens more effectively.  She is passionate and humorous and will give you a totally fresh perspective on how you view your teen's behavior and empower you to make the changes necessary to see results.  "When that happens, it gives you the hope you need to keep at it," says Dr. Oguntala.

A good way to start a connection with your child is to not avoid your child.  Approach your child with a sense of openness, not closed down.  Uncovered and bare.  Show up for your child without excuses.  Stop with the "Because I said so" and "I'm the parent that's why."  Sit down and have heart to heart conversations with your child.  You might indeed learn something that you may have been wanting to find out.  You might just realize that by being connected, your child will open up and be more receptive to you as a parent and trust you more, if at all.

Check out Dr. Oguntala's website to learm more.

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