Are You Ready? Celebrities Are Waiting...

Get Star-Powered Publicity, Build Your Brand Name and Skyrocket Your Sales!

The Celebrity 411 let's you Discover How to Get Your Product or Service into the Hands of Celebrities.

Liz Dennery Sanders, Owner of Dennery Marks and SheBrand have put together a complete, step by step system, that will guide you to skyrocketing your business and putting money into your pocket.

The public has such a voracious appetite today for celebrities and this drives the celebrity trends. The public wants to know what the celebrities are wearing and where they are shopping.  Who their designers are?  Who handles their travel needs?  Who handles their grocery needs?  Right down to the furnishings in their homes. 

Celebrities are an important element to a brand's marketing plan.  When a celebrity has an item, regardless of who the maker is, that item then becomes a household brand and everyone wants that item.  See where I'm going with this. 

So, why not try to get your product or service into the hands of celebrites.  And keep in mind, celebrities don't necessarily have to be the one's that you see on T.V., they can be anyone of importance within your own community, i.e. Mayor, Governor, Council member, Lawyer, Doctor, etc.  There are celebrities everywhere. 

Also, keep in mind, not every celebrity is your customer or client.  Do your research on the celebrity before contacting the celebrity, or better yet their manager.  Don't contact the celebrity directly, contact their manager.

If you want to know more, contact Liz Dennery Sanders at

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