Welcome to Your Future Success

Welcome to Your Future Success
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are You Wearing Yours?

Don't Get It twisted, It's Not About The Shoes...It's About The Woman Wearing The "HECK" Out Of Those Shoes!!!

Have you ever felt a pinch every now and then from a recent broken heart?  Or from a past broken heart for that matter?  But, you keep going because duty calls.  You push back your own anxiety about being a victim of the latest financial crisis we are facing as a country, because duty calls. 

You're going through the airport and you get a phone call describing the latest family drama that you need to deal with when you get back, but duty calls.  There are some broken friendships that need mending and others that need to be ended, but for right now duty calls.  So as you click, clack, click, clack down the hallway, you realize that putting on those fierce heels didn't transform you into someone you wasn't already.  They just confirmed that 'she' is indeed in the building!  And 'she' is that divine thing that God so carefully created to accentuate the very essence of man, give birht to nations, take care of the sick, help motivate andpush forward those who are well and evelop those who are not so well.  'She' is that devine creature that when a famous painter received his revelation from God and began to paint strokes of humility on the canvas, honesty and honor came next. 

WE create the rhythm, and we have the power to change that rhythm at a moments notice.  We can shift the rock of the boat or the speed of the stroke.  We can calm the sea of doubt within our families, and motivate our men to stand up and take their rightful place by doing nothing more than placing a calming hand in the palm of his and whispering "I've got your back."  We can turn a discussion into a riot just by the words and the tone we use and we can begin a revival just by walking by example. 

It's time to click your heels ladies, and transform your mind.  It's time to get uncomfortable and get moving.  and ladies, we know the most uncomfortable item we have is a pair of high heel shoes.  It's time to stop being satisfied with the same old thing.  We have to move beyond our comfort zone.  We have to get uncomfortable.

This is why Felicia L. Hamilton http://www.felicialhamilton.com/ created and wrote the book "Real Women Wear Stilletos."  It's time to strap on your stilletos, stand, and walk proud.  Time to do some damage.

Until Next Time,

Jeane' Elliott Bennett

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