Welcome to Your Future Success

Welcome to Your Future Success
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Determination is Imperative to Your Success

"All things are possible, if only you believe."  Paul Lawrence Vann did believe, that is why he wrote his best selling book "Living on Higher Ground"  in 30 days.  He didn't let the negative talk from friends and family get in his way and with that he
has accomplished great feats towards his future.

Not only is Paul Lawrence Vann the host of an Online Radio Show, he is also an Author and the leader of the Wealth Building Academy.  His military training in the United States Air Force gave him is training for his future.  He was able to connect with some very prominent people and build on those relationships in order to further his career and his business.

With all of his accomplishments, Paul has been named the Prince of Possibilities http://www.paullawrencevann.com/.  If you feel that it's impossible to reach the impossible, then get a hold of Paul's book and you'll see that it can be done.  You can also hear Paul on his radio show and on Sirius XM Radio by Dr. maya Angelou on Oprah Radio.  Yes, big things can happen for you too.

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Jeane' E. Bennett

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