The Doable 9

The 9 D's To Your Destiny:

1.  Develop a winning mindset

2.  Dependable to your customers/clients

3.  Dynamic is the way to present yourself

4.  Design your business and that will design your destiny

5.  Desire to be the best at whatever it is you do

6.  Dedicated is what you must be to your business

7.  Dialogue should be continued with all involved with your business and that includes your customers/clients

8.  Diplomatic - take the offense instead of the defense when dealing with others

9.  Discipline - stay the course in your goals

Talk about a distinctive list, if you keep these Doables in mind or somewhere around you, you will definitely succeed.  Deborah Hardnett is the author of the Doable 9's, she will be speaking at the The Winners Summit in March 2011.

Remember to inspire and encourage others to reach their goals.

Until Next Time,

Jeané Elliott Bennett


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