Passion+Persistence+Belief=Success, Opportunity, and Abundance

Many think that being unemployed is a bad thing.  It can be if you have no plan "B" or even a thought as to what it is that you want to do besides "find another job."

If you are unemployed, have you ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur?  Do you even think like an entrepreneur within your work place? 

This are some of the questions that will come up in your mind when reading the book "Climbing the Rock" by Lili Cruchelow.   In the book Lili tells how she went from being nearly unemployed to a nultimillion dollar entrepreneur in less than 90 days...hence, Passion+Persistence+Belief=Success, Opportunity, and Abundance.

Gone are the days of job security.  You should have a plan "B" in the event you are let go from your current job.  Taking a leap of faith to start your own business is scary but you'll never know the outcome if you never try.  That's where Climbing the Rock may give you second thoughts if not that push.

Something to think about.

Until Next Time,

Jeane' Elliott Bennett


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