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Welcome to Your Future Success
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Friday, May 27, 2011

What About Your Friends by Teresa D. Patterson

The question of the day is "What About Your Friends?"  Are your friends worthy of you calling them your friend.  There is a difference between a friend, an acquaintance, and an associate. 

In the book "What About Your Friends" by Teresa D. Patterson, three friends come together and find they more in common than they thought.  They do come to rely on one another in a time of crisis.  But, while you are reading the book, you will wonder about the friends you have in your life and try to figure out if they are true friends or if you should put them in another category.

The book will also have you looking closely at the men in your life.  If you have to wonder about why a man is in your house, then he shouldn't be there. 

What About Your Friends is a test of friendship and doing the right thing as a parent or person for that matter.  Check out the book and see for yourself.  You can purchase the book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for the Kindle and the Nook.

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