Excerpt from Intimate Moments

Chapter 1

Tonju Lowe an attractive lady in her 30’s. She’s a successful Managing Senior Paralegal at a high-status Century City Law Firm, doing well for herself, and self sufficient. She’s now looking for a true, reciprocated relationship…whatever that means. Feeling she was doing well without a man in her life; then realized one day she doesn’t need a man in her life, (there’s a difference between need and want), she wants a man in her life. She wants the companionship and intimacy. She’s decided to put an ad in a online personals column describing who she is and what she’s looking for in a MAN! Her online bio speaks volumes and not to be mistaken in any sense of the word. She puts it into perspective for you.


“I am a variety type of lady as well as an easy going lady who likes to do many things and who’s in search of a relationship with a man not a woman. I like traveling, movies, dining out, amusement parks, walking in the park, and on the beach, reading, football, spending quality time with a special man in my life and a lot of other things. I enjoy life and I’m romantic, caring, fun-loving, compassionate, honest and straight-forward. Sometimes I can be complex but not complicated. I am confident but not arrogant. My attitude is that of a sexy lady. I am a lady at all times. I am not out to hurt anyone’s feelings and I expect the same. If you are not going to come to me straight, then don’t waste my time because I promise, I won’t waste your time. I am looking to be happy and hopefully make that special man in my life happy also. I don’t play games and prefer a Long Term Relationship. Playa’s need not respond to this personal. I am not to be mistaken as some business man’s layover while passing through town. I am not to be mistaken for someone’s part-time rendezvous. You are hopefully between the ages of 35 to 40, in good health, disease and drug free, just as I am. Multicultural sensitive with an international perspective. Health conscious, somewhat educated (a college degree is not necessary), open-minded, and into designing your life versus following social norms and trends. You may have been married before and even have children. You are independent, yet dependent at some point. Assertive yet passive and sensuously outspoken. Yet desire/miss coming home to hugs, kisses and…

In addition to quality, I am attracted to men who know what they want today and have the intellect, personality, and masculinity to go for it. I enjoy a man who can stimulate my intellect as well as my loins. Make love to my mind and the rest will follow, not quickly though, in due time. Someone who is not afraid to communicate to get to the heart of a problem. I am not self-centered, egotistical, nor self-righteous. I am open minded, adjustable to changes, willing to do whatever it takes to maintain the same love and care that we start out with through to the end without regard or reflection on any past activity. Yesterday is dead and gone, tomorrow is not promised, today is what we have and live with. Let’s become friends and see from there what lies ahead. In other words let’s explore the possibilities. Kisses. God gave me beauty and I carry it well. I’m 5’7”, coffee brown eyes, a smile like sunshine, 125 lbs., dark brown collar length hair, milk chocolate complexion and very smooth skin. I am a LADY.

I’m looking for a sensual, erotic, and romantic male, of sound mind and body. Be a healthy male. Your wealth will be measured by your level of intelligence. Arrogance is unattractive to me. As is conceit and machismo. I am not impressed with lines or clichés. Again, A LADY is what you get with me.”

She was determined to find the man of her dreams. She had enough of bars, clubs, and blind dates. Being fixed up by her friends was becoming a bore for her. It was now time for her to go out on her own and find her man.

She couldn’t figure out why she was always attracting men that just didn’t correspond to her standards. Were her standards too high? She didn’t think so. The older she became, her standards grow higher. She refused to settle for sloppy seconds. She refused to just take anyone just to have someone in her bed. She refused to settle…period. She wanted quality. Someone who stimulated every angle of her. With that thought, she begins to smile. She could feel herself tingle. Someone that was sexually uninhibited wouldn’t hurt either. “Tonju does have a sexual appetite”, smiling to herself.

While on her lunch break on a hot sunny Tuesday afternoon, Tonju’s at a side walk café on Century Park East, she decides to check a messages on her blackberry. Browsing sites on her phone, checking the personal ad she put online seeing if there had been any messages left for her. Nothing. “It’s only been a day, give it time” thinking to herself. Much to her surprise she receives a message from…a blast from the past, someone she hasn’t seen or heard from in a very long time, years to be exact. He leaves a message on a group website she belongs to. He belongs to that same site. How amusing the internet works, you can find just about anyone in the world and have them find you, with just a name. Remarkable.

Seeing the message a smile comes across her face and she’s stunned at the same time. “Can’t believe it, Marcus Anderson of all people. Where has he been and what’s he doing these days?”

Just that moment she starts to think back to High School. Oh, how she was stupid over him. She believes it was more than puppy love. She really loved Marcus. They would spend hours talking on the phone, he would walk her to her classes; wait by her classes for her; and when they were face to face there wasn’t much talking to be done. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The hugging, the kissing, the feeling, the groping. The moment was intense. Not once did they have sex the entire time they were dating in school. Neither one of them knew they had intimacy instead of over worked teenaged hormones.

Marcus met Tonju when he was a senior in high school. He was very much in a lot of activities at the school. He was on the basketball team. Hell, he was the basketball team. With his height of 6’3” and muscular frame and slam dunks, he was the team captain. The girls loved him; he was popular. Tonju had no idea who Marcus was, she wasn’t into basketball; nor did she care.

While walking in the halls of the school on her way to class, one of the girls on Marcus’ arm bumps into her causing her books to fall from her hands. She kneels to pick them, and he tries to assist her all the while she’s giving him a dirty look; he has a girl on each arm. Looking at him the words, “Arrogant” comes from her mouth.

Marcus didn’t know what she meant by that, all he knew was she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen with her milk chocolate skin. He wanted to get to know her better. Her opinion piqued his curiosity.


Sitting alone on the grass in the quad area of the school, on a sunny and clear day which was in the middle of the school, Tonju was reading a book when Marcus came and sat beside her.

“What’re you reading?” She ignores him. He asks her again, and she cuts him another dirty look. At which point, he says, “You know, you’re rude; cute but rude.” That’s when the repartee begins.

“You have some nerve. You sat beside me without being invited and you didn’t even say hello.” “Now, whose rude?”

Marcus was caught off guard with that one. “Oops! excuse me Miss, do you mind if I sit beside you? I didn’t mean to be rude, see I lost my manners.”

Tonju smiles.

“At least that got a smile out of you. Now, may I ask what’re you reading?”

“I’m reading ‘Lord of the Flies.’ Have you read it?”

“No, isn’t that required reading in college or Advanced English?”

“True, it can be required in college, but I’m in advanced English.”

“A brainyack, hmmm. I have a brainyack on my hands.”

“What do you mean on your hands? What are you implying?”

“My girlfriend is a bookworm with good grades.”

“Your girlfriend? You are arrogant. I called it right when I saw you in the hall.”

The bell rings, she gets up to leave. While walking away, Marcus yells, “you are my girlfriend, you just don’t know it yet.” laughing. She keeps walking shaking her head and laughing. “He’s nuts and arrogant” saying to herself. “He’s also cute, but I guess he knows that, too.”


Tonju and Gerald Davis who are friends are standing in the lunch line the next afternoon when Marcus walks up. Gerald and Marcus are friends and have been friends for a long time. Marcus doesn’t know that Tonju and Gerald are also friends.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Gerald addressing Marcus.

“Nothing much, man.” Marcus is surprised to see pretty Tonju standing next to Gerald. He smiles at Tonju.

Gerald proceeds to introduce Marcus and Tonju but Marcus with his arrogant ass stops him by informing him that they’ve already met.

“I met her, I meant this pretty girl yesterday when she was in the quad reading a book.” “But, I didn’t catch her name.”

“That’s because I didn’t throw it.”

“Marcus, what did you do? What did you say to her?”

“Nothing. I told her she’s pretty.”

Tonju rolls her eyes saying “Uh-huh.”

Nevertheless, Gerald proceeds to introduce them. The smile on Marcus’ face looks like he swallowed something or a coat hanger got jammed in his jaws.

Saying in her mind “I wish he’d stop ginning at me. He already has not one but two girlfriends.”

As time goes on Marcus and Tonju become friends. She stops giving him dirty looks and gives in to his charm only to find out that he doesn’t have a girlfriend at all. Those girls that were on his arm were just basketball groupies…go figure, a star basketball player has groupies.

The two begin dating, and Gerald finds out. Coming to where Marcus and Tonju are sitting on campus, “What’s going on you two? You guys have become quite friendly these days.”

“Tonju has just agreed to be my girl, man.”

“What? You hurt her and I’ll kill you, man. I love you like a brother, but I’ll kill you.” “Tonju’s a nice girl.”

“Man, I’m not going to hurt her. She’s a sweetie.”

The whole time that Marcus and Tonju were dating, they never had sex. Marcus had a lot of high opinion for Tonju and who she was. He didn’t want her corrupted in anyway, not even by him.

Tonju thought to herself, there was a time when we had the opportunity to have sex but Marcus came to his senses and realized that I wasn’t ready. He was the gentleman back then. It would be good to see him again.

Marcus Anderson a handsome man in his 30’s, very successful, Self Employed Real Estate Developer. He’s married and not completely happy. Something’s missing from his marriage; he knows what it is but doesn’t know which direction to take to try to correct the situation or to leave well enough alone or just end it before he and his wife become more miserable than what they already are. He doesn’t want to hurt his wife.

Coming back to the present, the message reads...

“Girl, you have no idea how long I’ve waited to see your face again. Wow. My baby! I’m sorry if that offends you, but we had some moments that I’ll never forget, and I’m talking about the clean stuff! Like going to see a movie on the bus. Or that picnic with your Mom when your brother out ran me playing football. I still remember what you said, ‘you’re getting slow’ well I’ll tell you, your brother was fast. Hope you and your loved ones are well. You didn’t think so but I was crazy about you. Oh this really is great. I live in the area, a lot of us are out this way, and I see you are too. I hope I’m not going overboard, buy I have waited for this…I’m glad I found you. And you look fantastic!”

“My Heart, the sweetest little girlfriend I ever had!”

“I see you are still the charmer. I see you’re doing well. Yes, I’m in the area and have been for some time now. It’s good to hear from you.”

“Me too, I moved to the area a few years ago. I’m happy, this is a special day for me! Man, I’m excited.”

Two days later, Tonju receives an e-mail from Marcus. She’s been on his mind since the first day of their re-connection.

“Hi, are you busy?”

“Hi, no. What’s up?” raising an eyebrow wondering what’s on Marcus’ mind.

“I want to see you , is that cool?” No sooner than those words left Marcus’ mouth he felt his fervor rise.

“Yes, I want to see you too.” She could feel the humidity between her legs at that moment. She immediately changes the subject. She knows wanting to see Marcus is not right…he’s married.

Chapter 2

At last Marcus and Tonju decide to meet after not seeing each other for relatively sometime…years. He looks the same; a little weight but the same. His manner and persona are quite passive. That’s changed. She remembers him to be a gregarious person, age surely has slowed him down.

Marcus seeing her, can’t take his eyes off her. To him she looks exactly the same as the last time he saw her years ago. He melts when he’s looking at her.

Is a hug or a handshake appropriate for not seeing each other in years? Both agree on a hug; a hug in which Marcus doesn’t wanna let her go. He presses her tightly to his body taking in every inch of her. It’s day light and they’re in a parking lot but that doesn’t seem to matter to either of them. They’re wrapped in each others arms like that’s where they belong or wanna be.

Breaking from the embrace with embarrassed looks on their faces, each reading the others mind; it’s funny how you can say a lot without even saying a word. Choosing to have lunch at a nearby eating place…McDonald’s to be exact; playing eye contact across the table and refusing to let their hands touch each other. The enticement is still there after all these years, or is it the memory of high school moments?

Idle chit chat fills the air while Marcus watches Tonju eat her salad. “Why are you staring at me?”

“I like looking at you and always have, you don’t realize how eye-catching you are.”

Back at Tonju’s house, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, it was non stop touchy, feely. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The kissing, the feeling, the sweating, the heavy breathing. All without taking off a stitch of clothing. They could feel each other through their clothes. They wanted so much to let their bodies touch each others naked but, this was their first meeting, it wouldn’t have been appropriate, plus Marcus is married.

Sitting next to one another on the sofa and lusting for each other…

“Come sit on my lap, face me.”

“Are you sure?” making the move to his lap.

“Yes, I want you very close to me.”

Sitting on his lap in the straddle position, Marcus begins kissing her and feeling her breast at the same time. The heat is so intense in the room that both of them are sweating. Marcus starts to move her hips for her…getting her started. That’s all it took, she did the rest herself. It was as if she was actually riding a horse.

She reached under his shirt and felt his hard chest. Nice and muscular. Lifting his shirt, kissing his chest. The kisses made him moan and with the moans he starts to move his hips.

She can feel his erection through his pants through her pants. It’s rock-hard and stiff.

Marcus lifts her blouse and lowers his head to kiss her breasts. Sucking on her nipples causing her to moan and gyrate her hips harder and faster. Tonju wants him and knows this is not right.

They both break from the hotness with her removing herself from his lap and standing up to adjust her clothes.

“Marcus, we’ve gotta stop. We haven’t seen each other in years and this is what we do…man.”

“I know, but I want you so bad. I’m bursting and sweating. Let me get out of here before we do something that we both might regret later.”

“ True, I’ll walk you to your car.”

They proceed to the front door and out to his car. Idle chit chat once again. Reaching his car, they talk about seeing each other again and are hopeful they will. Marcus leaves with Tonju completely on his mind. He wanted so much to taste and feel her.

They wanted to take it as far as they could go. Pristine dreams of steamy ecstasy.

Marcus is on cloud nine that he’s finally gotten the chance to see the girl that he has been carrying a torch for all these years. He’s still reeling at being able to be in her company and let alone be that close to her; to be able to hold her in his arms…kiss her, and feel her. He wants Tonju so bad, he doesn’t know what to do.

“Where do I go from here with Tonju? I want to see her every day. Why did I let her out of my life? How can I get her back? Will she even be willing to come back into my life? Am I just dreaming? I know…I’m married but, I have to see where this leads me…leads us.”

The next day…

“Good Morning,

Before I get into this e-mail, I want to say, it was really a true pleasure seeing you yesterday after all these years. You really looked good and to know you’re doing well and are content and happy warms my heart. I was prepared for the meeting and very much looking forward to seeing you. Although, I was not prepared for the moment; that took me by surprise. A good surprise I might add. Thank you.

I’ve listened to the CD you brought me, Wine Glasses several times, in fact, as I’m typing this e-mail to you. I’m listening to the CD, again. I downloaded it to my laptop and added it to my iPod. I went to sleep with the iPod in my ears with the words and sound of the singers voice whispering in my ears.

“Love” took me to the moment of our afternoon. I felt as though it was speaking directly to me. That you knew exactly how our meeting yesterday would end. Although, we didn’t go as far as we wanted to go, “Love” in my ears was dedicated to me.

“Chance Meeting” is moving. It made me think that had we took “Love” further, we would’ve had a “Chance Meeting.” One that I didn’t want you to regret. There would’ve been no regrets with me, because it would’ve been something that I had wanted from you since I was 15.

Yes, our moment took me to the place of shoulda, coulda, woulda, and the what if. You don’t know how many times I had dreamt of you through the years. As teenagers, we would sit in class and doodle on paper the name or our girlfriend or boyfriend. I use to do that, and imagine your last name being behind mine. I was taken back there yesterday.

I was trying to figure out after you left if the attraction was an attraction from the past that was drawing me to you, was it my present situation and the desire for closeness, or was it the present in general or your physical being. After sleeping on it and awakening this morning. I have my answer…it was and is the present. You see, I have never stopped loving you. I was in love with you back in the day, but didn’t know what love was…sometimes now, I still don’t know what it is.

I noticed when you were speaking you couldn’t look at …why was that? I started to feel there was something wrong with me but then realized there is nothing wrong with me; you just have a sensitivity to me and my eyes. What is it that I do to you?

If you chose not to hear from me again, I’d most definitely understand. I’d be disappointed but I’d understand. You do have a large piece of me. It’s strange how our bodies did mesh well with one another after all these years. But, physical oneness is not the basis of my loving you. I love you for you and all the things about you…I always have. The person you are…beautiful. Please, make no excuses for you and who you are.

My dear friend, please don’t look at this e-mail with such seriousness and confusion, look at it with a memorable smile on your handsome face. No regrets, no confusion, and no guilt. There are no regrets, confusion, or guilt for happiness and wanting to be happy. If our moment gave you that then, please don’t feel any of those things. Take pleasure in the moment…I have.

Your touch sent me to a place that I hadn’t been in a very long time and I get chills just thinking of you…good chills. I can close my eyes and still see everything so vivid. Your face is still embedded in my eyes. I look up and I see you. A smile comes across my face. Your kiss and touch are stuck with me. The smell of your cologne and sweat are still with me. Lovely.

Just to think and remember these things are making me wet and horny. What did you do to me? You did what you did when I first saw the message from you…stirred up feelings and made me want to see you. Hearing your voice over the phone made me want you and not just in a sexual way because we’ve never experience sex with one another. We always had the intimacy and that means so much more than sex. Yesterday was intimacy…again. Seducing our minds and our bodies. I’d love to experience the sex with you. Lay with you, even for a moment. That’ll last a life time with me.

I was in a place of ecstasy without the sex, and that was sheer ecstasy. I thank you. You do feel good…all of you.

You’ve given me another great memory to add to the memory I already had. My hat’s off to you. I do love you and I do know the meaning of loving someone and being in love with someone. You tell me, what did you feel for me?

On that note, time to end here. I could go on about the way I feel but I will savor those feelings.

Warm Regards,


Chapter 3

Tonju is savoring in the memory of the day before. Marcus calls her the next morning after reading her email to see if she’s okay. They talk about that day and all that happened. There were moments of silence, a big pregnant pause for the remembrance. They’re both feeling the same and don’t know what to do.

Marcus recites snippets of poetry to her from a CD. She’s telling Marcus that two of the snippets on the CD explained the events of the afternoon before.

She can feel her passion rise as she hears his voice echoes the words of the poems. She starts to wiggle while sitting in her bed. Marcus doesn’t know he’s talking to her while she’s still in her pajamas and under a blanket in bed. “Good, he doesn’t need to know this. The conversation needn’t go to that level…as of yet.” They still have intimacy, no sex.

She can’t get Marcus out of her head. The moment from their meeting is still embedded in her mind. The kiss, the hug, the caressing, the fondling, everything. All she wants to do right now is to kiss Marcus. She wants to see how their bodies really feel hard-pressed against each other naked.

If only Marcus could turn back the hands of time, he wouldn’t be in his quandary. Tonju would be his. That’s where his “what if’s” are coming from. He really wants to be with her but his present state of affairs is preventing him from actually feeling what he wants to feel.


Since that Saturday meeting almost three weeks ago, Marcus and Tonju haven’t seen each other. They’ve spoken over the phone briefly a few times. It’s uncertain they will ever see each other again. They never had sex, they just created a moment. A moment that left Marcus feeling very guilt-ridden.

“I know there’s no future with Marcus. He’s is a good man and has a family. He’s quite happy in some ways. Time to move on. It was good to see him again and create another moment.” Staring out of her front living room window…

Tonju has to figure out this Marcus thing. Come to some conclusion as to what to do.

“How about I take a drive south? Visit my girls in San Diego. Have lunch at Seaport Docks and spend the evening listening to some jazz at a nice club. Yeah, that‘s the ticket, get this confusion out my head.”

Jumping up from her sofa, Tonju packs a back and get’s herself together for her road trip. On the drive to San Diego, Kem is blaring in the CD Player. Her favorite song “Brother Man” comes on. “Have to shake Marcus from my mind. This song reminds me of him. I introduced him to this song.” Saying this out loud to herself. “Nothing can happen between me and him. I’m single and he’s married.”

Enjoying the drive to San Diego with the top down on her Pearl White Convertible Mercedes C320, the tunes blaring in the CD player, the sun hitting her face while her hair is blowing in the wind. She’s in the mood for something different and fun. Smiling as she thinks about the possibilities of the overnight trip in Diego.

Looking up in her rear view mirror. “Who’s this idiot that’s sitting right on my ass? I can’t read the license plate. If he gets any closer, he can kiss me.”

“Are you serious?” Looking up again in the mirror. “Is he in a hurry or something? He can go around me.”

“Why does that car look familiar. It looks like Reggie’s Pearl Blacked Out Mercedes with rims glistening in the sun? He stated he would never hurt me, that was a very big understatement.”


Reggie Lowe, Tonju’s ex-husband, an ex-Marine, President and CEO of his own company. He’s in the Investments Business and doing very well these days, well enough to pay off Tonju‘s Mercedes and a big portion of her house payment. No, that was not the terms of their divorce, Reggie chose to do this on his own, out of the goodness, (Ha), of his heart. 6’5”, 255 lbs., hershey chocolate skin with eyes to match. He has a cute smile, and a shiny bald head with a clean moustache and goatee to match. Not to mention his muscular body, a body of sensual perfection with such hedonistic tendencies. Milk does do a body good.

Tonju and Reggie met when she was 16, after her and Marcus had broke up. He treated her like a princess. Wouldn’t let her out of his sight. Was so in love with her.

“That was back then. He wasn’t that in love with me, he broke my heart.”

At that moment with those thoughts in her head, her cell phone rings and without looking at the caller i.d. she answers her bluetooth and low and behold, it’s Reggie.

“How you doing, Tonju?”

“Reggie!, so that is YOU behind me?”

“Yes, it is, and I love being behind you. Pull over to the right side of the freeway.”

“You got jokes. Are you crazy? We’re in heavy traffic on this freeway, or haven‘t you noticed?”

“I know this, pull over so I can say hello to you appropriately.”

“Appropriately? What’s that suppose to mean?”

“Just pull over, T.”

T, I haven’t heard that in a long time. she recalls.

Pulling over to the right side of the freeway with Reggie right behind her. He said he likes being behind her. Both getting out of their cars right on the Southbound 15 freeway in Poway. Meeting in the middle of both cars. Reggie looking handsome as always. The sun glistening off his chocolate bald head and smiling like he just swallowed a whole tube of teeth whitener with those pearlies flashing white when he smiled. “Tell me again, why I divorced him?” Talking in her head.

“My gorgeous T.”

“Oh Shit, now, I remember, he had a love for the ladies. He called all the ladies gorgeous and it ended up to be something behind that word.”

“What was that?”

“Nothing. How you doing Reggie?”

“I’m good and you’re looking fine as always, Mrs. Lowe. I see you haven’t changed your license plate.”

Looking down, Tonju sees that Reggie hasn’t changed his either…T. Lowe 1 is what hers read and R. Lowe 1 is his.

“Yeah…I never got around to the name change thing.”

“Don’t…I love it. It becomes you. What brings you down to Diego or should I already know?” moving closer to her.

“Do I need a reason? It’s a public city.”

“Well give me a hug Lady. We’re not strangers, don’t go getting new on me.”

Moving closer to give Tonju a hug. He wraps his well-developed arms around her giving her a carnal, sexually charged, hungry look…she’s seen that look before.

“Yeah, he’s been in the gym.” speaking in her mind.

His arms around her waist pulling her closer to him makes her inhale a breath. She smells the scent of his Polo green cologne, her favorite scent. She loved it when he wore that scent. “I don’t believe it, he’s has a bulge.” making mental note.

“Reggie, I see you’re excited to see me or are you in the habit of walking around like this all the time?” grabbing the crotch of his tailored slacks.

“This is what you do to me. You always have and still do. Just the thought of you.”

Moving closer, “Really?” Her breast now pressed into his chest. His breath on her neck. She still has hold of his crotch tenderly squeezing as she breathes. One would think they were going to lay each other down on the pavement of the freeway. Tonju looks up at Reggie, those immersed brown eyes of his fixated on hers. He kisses her, “I remember that tongue” as she soaks in the kiss. Their kiss is broken by a passing car blowing its horn and the driver yelling “Get a room!”

“Shall we get a room?” stretching a sexually charged smile.

“Don’t even try it Reggie.”

“Okay then, come home with me.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Tonju every time I see you I want you. Every time I hear your voice I want you. Every time I think of you, which is often, I want you. Hell, I want you! Can I say anymore?”

Tonju knew she wanted Reggie too but she wouldn’t allow herself to go that route again, but a quick roll between the sheets wouldn’t hurt anything. “Hell, I’d even go for the back seat of his car right now, as horny as I am.” thinking to herself. She remembered the first time she and Reggie made love. “It was mind blowing, for a 17 year old. The things he did and the places he sent me.” She could just feel his hands over her entire body. Their first time was so unforgettable. They were at his family’s cabin in Big Bear - it was her birthday.


“Tonju, I have a surprise for you for your seventeenth birthday. I’m taking you skiing, we’re going to stay at my parents cabin.”

“Really? Oh, I’ll love that?”

“I like being around your parents?

“No, just you and me, my parents won‘t be there.”

“You’re gonna have to ask my Mom. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go.”

“I’ll ask her.”

She couldn’t believe her mother said yes. That was amazing. Her mother liked Reggie. Tonju and Reggie arrived at the cabin, it was nice and cozy. There were flowers every where, a blanket on the floor with a picnic basket on the blanket. Reggie had it planned out - a carpet picnic.

“Seeing as it’s too cold to have a picnic in the snow, I thought we would have it indoors.”

“That’s sweet of you. A carpet picnic.”

“Here, let me take your parka.”

Reggie had bought Tonju a cute and warm pink parka lined in white fur and trimmed at the sleeves and around the hood with the same fur. She was wearing matching pink snow pants with a white turtleneck and white snow boots and gloves. Yeah, she looked like a real snow bunny. Reggie was in all black from head to toe. He looked good for an eighteen year old.

“I’ll start a fire in the fireplace. Have a seat on the blanket and get comfortable.”

“Reggie when did you have the time to do this?”

“I didn’t, the caretaker took care of everything for me. I wanted to have everything perfect for your birthday.”

“Wow!, thank you. It’s perfect.”

He finished lighting the fireplace and sat down beside her on the blanket.

“You are so pretty.” Reggie looks her in her eyes and kisses her. They break from the kiss. She giggles a thank you.

Hmm, I think I’m hungry.”

“Let me take the food from the basket and arrange it on the blanket.”

“I can help you.”

“No, this is your day, you relax. I have everything under control.

That night was a unforgettable night for Tonju. Too bad she couldn’t go back to that time and place. Here they were standing on the right shoulder of the freeway lusting after each other. Damn!

“I have to go Reggie. Gisselle and Patience are expecting me.”

“Gisselle and Patience, huh? The three stooges back again. They can wait, I want to spend some time with you.”

“Oh really, did that thought just come up? Or did something else come up? Don’t answer that.”

At that moment her cell phone rings.

“Hey Gisselle, what’s up girl? I’m on my way, I got sidetracked for a moment.” she says looking up at Reggie.

“No, I’m okay and no, I didn’t get a ticket. I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

“We’re meeting Patience at Lobster House at the Seaport Docks for lunch.”

“Okay, see you then I’m on my way.”

“Well, Reggie as you can hear…gotta go.”

“Tonju, I wanna see you while you’re here in San Diego. I will be calling you.”

“I’m sure you will. Bye Reggie.” waving over her shoulder while she walks away. Reggie staring at her backside, grinning and shaking his head. Tonju could always get to him. He also can’t believe she left him with an enormous hard on.

Still sitting in his car on the side of the freeway, he remembers her twenty fifth birthday when he asker her to get off work early because he had a surprise for her. He had a dress delivered to her office from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills with matching shoes and purse, and asked her to wear it and meet him at the Hotel Bonaventure in downtown Los Angeles. That night was one outstanding evening.


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