Morning Question for Writers...

Good Morning Everyone,

Here's a question to start off the morning conversation. As an Author/Writer, do you sometimes find that you resemble one, if not all of the character(s) in your book? If so, which character(s) do you identify with? 

When I wrote Intimate Moments, I found myself identifying with the character named Gisselle. I called her Ghetto but, Gisselle, is a tell it like it is, speak your mind type of Lady. Some people when they read the book, thought I was the main character, Tonju (seeking her soulmate). But in all essence, I really identified with all three female characters, Tonju, Gisselle, and Patience (who is grounded and laid back). 

And with writing The J Spot, I'm getting into my main character Kevin, yes, that's right, it's a male. This is interesting as men can be a little complex, but I'm developing his character and showing his soft side, not a wimp, his caring side. Men do have that as well. LOL. Well, that was my question for the day. Have a great one all!


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