Honey Dip

Portia and her crew of girls was something else.  But, in all Portia herself was nothing to be reckoned with.  She has a trigger finger itching to shot anyone who crosses her.

I take it, being a Female Pimp isn't easy in a male dominate profession.  Portia tried her best to keep her girls on a tight leash.  It's difficult trying to control someone that doesn't want to be controlled.  April flies the coop with a man she thinks she's in love with, but we're not sure of what happens with that relationship.  Honey-Dip decides it's time for her to leave the nest after having bedding down Portia's little brother, but there's no sign of where's she's going.  She misses her daughter who is living with her father and his wife. 

Mookie did the unthinkable and crossed Portia and met with her untimely destiny.  Babygirl is the only one that has Portia's back:  she's quick with a knife. 

I was left hanging at the ending.  I would like to know what is going to happen the Dr. patches up Portia's little brother from a gunshot wound.  I guess I will have to see when the sequel comes out.  All in all, the book was a good read; I read it in one day...meaning, I didn't put it down.

Look for it on Amazon.com.

Until Next Time,

Jeane' Elliott Bennett


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