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Welcome to Your Future Success
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Short Story Collective

Unraveled is a collection of short stories by KR Bankston.  A collection that will keep you attention from beginning to end. 

The collection makes up stories such as:  Truth or Dare, Bait-n-Switch, and A Deadly Encounter.  One can say that this collection can make up a dinner menu...The Appetizer, The Main Course, and the Dessert.

The first story would have you feeling sorry for the main female character until you get to the end.  There you will be rooting for her.  A woman scorned is nothing to reckon with.  They'll get you where it hurts and that can be a real deadly.

In the second story, you will see, what it does in the dark will most definitely come to the light.    And tangle webs are not a good thing to weave.  You make get caught up in your own trap and not be able to get out.  Jealousy will most definitely come back to haunt you.

Story three is nothing to mess with when you're dealing with criminal activities.  You cross one of them and you may just get crossed...not good.  This story left the reading hanging reading the female characters.  But, in all it was a good story.

To purchase this collection, go to Amazon.com, you won't be disappointed.

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