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Welcome to Your Future Success
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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mental Issues...

How many times have you looked at someone and thought to yourself, "Could that person be all that they appear to be?"  Well, here we go with Cold Serial by B. Grovner.  You will find with reading this book that everyone is not what they appear to be.  The main character is the only consistent one in this story.  He takes you on a scare emotional ride that makes you think twice about meeting someone in and taking them home with one the first date. 

The police didn't realize that he was not eluding them, he was not running at all.  He was right in their own backyard; living his day to day life and enjoying it.  Until one day he got greedy and began to get careless.  That's when his world started to fall like dominoes.

When someone holds things inside so close, one day they are going to erupt and how they erupt may be in a day way.  With having a mother that didn't care and a father that walked out on him at a young age.  This man harbored so much resentment that he didn't know where to place it.  In honesty, he was somewhat like his mother in the beginning.  He wanted all the attention to be on him, but a little sister happened to the family.  That's when he resentment began and he didn't know how to stop it. 

Can I say more without giving out the complete story, No, I can't.  But, I'll say this, if you're squeamish about murder mysteries, this is not a book for you to read.  The book unnerved me for a moment but I couldn't put it down, I just had to see what happens next.  Call me a glutton for punishment.  Cold Serial is a Stephen King type of serial mystery.  I can see a movie being made of this book.  See for yourself. 

The book is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon...Barbara Grovner.

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Jeane' Elliott Bennett

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