Interview with Author B. Berry

1.                      Tell the group a little bit about your most recent book.  What inspired you to write your most recent book?
              I love to write murder mysteries and I’ve always been interested in the Civil Rights Movement, having lived during that time.  I wanted to write a fiction novel that would be both a historical novel and a murder mystery. Writing Clothesline Blues allowed me to go back to the Civil Rights Movement while creating a murder mystery.

2.                      What do you find challenging with marketing your book?
              THE MARKETING MONSTER!! Marketing is tedious, at least to me it is. I realize it has to be done and it’s a large part of keeping your work alive, but for me, it turns my passion into a job. I do it because I must! Marketing can be very expensive as well. But I realized after time, through networking, I was able to make a few long-standing connections and build a working rapport with others in the marketing business.

3.                      Describe to the group, what does your writing area look like?
              My writing area is a total schizophrenic mess! I’m a natural-born scatterbrain and jump from one thing to another, but in the end, I always get it together. I handwrite in notebooks before inputting and have a gazillion notebooks around me all the time. I usually carry a small notebook in my pocketbook, just in case something inspires me while I’m out and about. I find it easier for my thoughts to flow from pen to paper than from my head to the computer.

4.                      Do you have a certain food you like to eat when you are writing?
              No special foods, but I drink a lot of water. I usually have a huge of glass or bottle of water with me throughout my day.

5.                      How has social networking helped you with the marketing of your book?
              Yes! Social networking has been a big help with getting the word out about my books. I’ve met so many wonderful people that offer help in the way of information, resources, marketing opportunities and encouragement. I try to give back whenever I can.

6.                      Is there anything else that you would like to share with the group?
              I’m working on the sequel to Clothesline Blues, but in the meantime I have a couple of books coming out. One in the fall. Please look for Cold Crazy…coming soon.

7.                      Where can members of the group find your book?
              Clothesline Blues by B. Berry can be found wherever books are sold. It’s available in Ebook form at and please take a moment to stop by where you can read a bit about me and purchase books as well.

Ms. Bennett, thanks so much for this opportunity. It truly means a lot to me.



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