Interview withAuthor Christopher Meade

Good Day Christopher.  Thank you for joining us.

1.    Share with the us, who and what inspires you to write?

Apart from an ever demanding bank manager and a constant flow of unpayable bills, my main inspiration comes from a desire to give entertainment and a certain amount of enlightenment to as many people as possible.
2.   Why did you choose the genre that you write in?
      I don’t have a genre as such and I like to write across as wide a spectrum as possible. Life is a big place. I like to show it in as many aspects as I can, from horror to romance, to comedy. It’s all there waiting to be revealed.
3.  How long did it take you to write your first book?
It evolved over about two years, from conception to publication
4.   When you are not writing what are you doing?
Housework, shopping, gardening. All the mundane things have to be done but if I have to pick a favourite pastime, it would be gardening. I love flowers.
5.   What is your writing style?
Classic English. I have been influenced in my taste by the great English writers, Dickens, the Brontes etc and I like to think their style is reflected in my own, (at least some of the time).
6.   Where is your favorite place to write?
I don’t really have much choice about where I write. Sitting in the livingroom, at the computer is my location. I couldn’t really ask for a better place though. If I get bored, I can watch life’s constant procession passing on the street. Just perfect!
7.   How do you come up with your character names?
Some of them are real people, so that’s not a problem. The invented ones usually come from a desire to highlight some aspect of their character in their name. I have a mean landlord called “Mr Gutterskunk”, as an example.
8.    When marketing your book, what do you find most challenging?
Developing the notion in the minds of a wide readership, that I really am a writer and that my stories are worth reading. Making the leap from talented obscurity to accepted reputation is the biggest challenge. If I can overcome this, selling books will be a “piece of cake”.
9.    Do you need peace and quiet to write or do you have any form of background noise? i.e. music, television.
I like peace and quiet. I’ve always been the same in all my occupations. I like to concentrate with minimum distraction. Otherwise my head spins and I can get nothing done.
10.  Tell our members where they can find your book.    
Only available on Amazon at the moment. Check out the five star reviews on


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