Welcome to Your Future Success

Welcome to Your Future Success
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Are You Working Your Passion?

In today's world a lot of us are not doing what WE want to do.  We are doing what others want us to, doing what's comfortable to us for fear of stepping out of our comfort zone. 

Invision "What would it feel like if you made the decision to do what it is that YOU want to do?" "What would if feel like if you were actually doing something that YOU are passionate about?"  Those are very good questions. 

In the book, "Work It Girl! The Black Woman's Guide to Professional Success" is a book that showcases various women from all walks of life that have stepped out of their comfort zone and are now doing their passion.

The co-author, Pamela M. McBride stepped and chose Work It, Girl doing her passion, and that passion is writing.  The book inspires others to do what they are being called to do. 

The message of the book is, whether you are in a military career, corporate career, freelance career, or a professional career, you can Work It to suit you and make it fun.

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