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Did you now that a resume sent through email is nearly similar to its print version?  Most people have a misconception about this and they end up spending more time making their resumes rather than aiming more employers.  The email and print version are the sem document yet with only different formats.  For applying online, you only require to modify the format of your resume.   The aim is to make it much easier for you to email your documents to the employers.

In an oline application, it is critical that your resume has all the necessary keywords.  This is to pull in more attention from prospective employers.  Basically, you can improve your exposure online by using significant keywords that your prospective employers are most probable to use to search for likely candidates.
The Difference Between Resume in Print and Email Version

Today, there are different versions of resume.  The most common ones are in print and email version.  The latter version is the same as the plain text copy of your resume.  This is a text-only copy specifically arranged for the restrictions in email.  But then, the print version may include bulleted lists, italixized text and highlights.  They are ready to print for snail mail or for handing to prospective employers.  In gerneral, they differ based on the manner of delivery.

Sadly, not all resumes sent via email are read or even opened.  If you make a simple mistake such as using a wrong subject line, the chance that your email for your job application will be ignored is high.  So, here are ways to get your e-resume opened.  This is an easy guide in posting e-resumes.

Appropriate Subject Line - Admit it.  You will tend to disregard messages with inappropriate subjects, particulary those without a subject line.  Unless, the sender of the email is someone you know.  An inappropriate subject line is saying that you are seeking employment.  On the other hand, an email that uses the job title and job code as a subject line is more acceptable and will be more likely to get clicked.  However, you can also use your objective as your email subject.

Body of the Message - The body of your message is technically your cover letter.  It should be addressed to the receiver.  The body should have all the info found on your cover letter, such as your main intention, your relevant skills and experiences, your contact information and so on.  It should also be as believing as your letter.  Keep in mind that the body of your message is your introduction.

Attachment - It is highly suggested to incorposrate your resume on the body of your message instead of using an attachment.  This is because sevral files may carry viruses and risks are you will miss your chance.  Moreover, some hiring managers are slow enough to cownload files.  Since you will be only allotted a few minutes to catch the hiring manager's attention, you do not want to waste that on the downloading process.  By Landon Long

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