Beautiful Disasters

Dawn Jasper, the Author of Beautiful Disasters gives her readers an interesting read with this novel.  In the beginning of the novel, the reader couldn't decide if she was coming or going.  Once, the reader was able to get past the typos and editorial mistakes, the reader was able to enjoy the story of Anika Connors.

Anika Connors is not your typical 'angry black woman'.  She's a rich, angry black woman.  Aside from Anika looking to get even with everyone that has done her wrong, she does have a heart and a soft side.  One would not recognize that while reading the novel but when you look deep into the story and see that she aids and helps young girls, you would recognize her heart.

Her nemesis Teyanna, who was also her lover along with Teyanna's husband David is out to get even with Anika for kicking her to the curb.  Teyana soon finds out that 'What's done in the dark, comes to the light'.  Teyanna's evil thoughts and deeds does her in.  She destroys her ownself.

Anika's mean ways turns warm when a special man comes into her life.  He's a challenge for her, a good challenge. He aids her in seeing her own self-worth.

It takes a while to get to the root of the story but once you push through it, the book is a pretty good read. 

The story is about love, lust, betrayal and revenge.  Check it out and see for yourself, not your average Urban Novel.

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Jeane' Elliott Bennett


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