Paying it Forward

This is a good time to give away product or services.   I don't mean to give away the farm, so to speak; I mean, discount your product or services to what you feel is a reasonable discount for you and your business.  Hold a drawing or a raffle for your product or services.  Or better yet, give away someone else's product or services.  Now I know you're wondering what I mean by that, it's really simple and I've done it more often than not.  Here goes...

Get together with different entrepreneurs, have them donate their product or service which is not the same as your own.  Make a pretty gift basket of the items and then hold a drawing or a raffle for the gift basket.   Or you can raffle the products or services off individually.   This way you are paying it forward, networking and helping another entrepreneur as well as helping yourself.  

When asking to partner with others, their product, their business cards and marketing materials go into the basket or to be sent with the gift if giving individually, so don't forget to ask for those items.  And let them know that their donating their product is a write-off for their business.

Keep in mind, the product or service is completely different from yours.  That's what makes doing this fun, you're networking with others not in you line or work and you're learning about other people and what they do which could lead to business for you.

If you chose to do a basket drawing, always add your business to the basket, unless you made up a theme for the basket.   But, if the basket is a hodge podge, don't forget your business.

Until Next Time
Jeané Elliott Bennett 


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