Shipping Customers Products

Shipping products to customers

When shipping products to customers do you sometimes feel that it's time consuming to go back and forth to the post office just for one maybe two packages?  Do you usually wait until you have enough packages such as three to five packages or more before mailing out the product to your customer, therefore making your customer wait?  Do you feel that by making your customer wait is good customer service?

Look at the major stores. When you purchase online from the major stores they give you shipping options.  True, their options are between one to seven business days depending on the option you selection, but have any of the companies stated, "Your product will go out when we have enough orders?"  Well, with being an entrepreneur, you should adapt the same practices such as the big businesses.  Meaning, the Post Office, UPS and the FedEx all will pick up packages right from your front door, and if you're not home you can leave the package(s) at your front an they will pick up from there also.  It's all too easy.  

By going online and setting up an account with each of these companies is so easy to do to aid you in your business.   You can also have packaging supplies delivered to you at no charge.  Now, you're probably say, "I don't know what the shipping charge is going to be."  Well, that's where the investment of a small weight scale would come in.  Again, this is all too easy.  It's called working smarter not harder and good customer service.   Giving good customer service makes for a returning customer.  Don't you agree?  This would also save time and gas and free you up to do other things.   Think about it.

So, if you're in business with a product that you're shipping to customers, I hope this tidbit od information was helpful to you.

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Jeané Elliott Bennett


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